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Wannabe “Influencer” Claims to Be Hospitalized From Coronavirus After Licking Public Toilets

The notorious prankster says he is hospitalized with coronavirus just days after posting a video of himself licking a toilet.



Larz Coronavirus

(TMU) — As the coronavirus pandemic has shown, humans are paradoxical creatures.

On the one hand, we’ve witnessed tremendous mass heroism and strength from medical workers and health care personnel across the world who are fighting to contain the pandemic and minimize the horrific loss of life. On the other hand, we’ve seen some people throw caution to the wind and utterly disregard warnings from public health officials.

This has been clear from the scenes of young people flocking to beaches across the world, ignoring social distancing guidelines, and other tales of stupefying foolishness sparked by the crisis.

In the case of one social media influencer from California, the foolishness may have reached the point of suicidal idiocy after he claims that he was hospitalized with the coronavirus mere days after he posted video footage of himself licking a toilet bowl for the latest dangerous online “challenge.”

The notorious prankster from Beverly Hills known as Larz, who has also claimed to be a part of the infamous influencer Jake Paul’s entourage, posted footage of himself in a hospital bed on Sunday, reports the Daily Mail.

In a tweet from an account that has since been suspended, the 21-year-old who goes by the social media handle @GayShawnMendes wrote:

 “I tested positive for Coronavirus.”

While it’s difficult to take the words of the wannabe influencer seriously, the video came just two days after he was caught rubbing his tongue across public toilets in a disgusting so-called “Coronavirus Challenge.”

The bizarre challenge, which has mainly been posted to video-sharing platform TikTok, has entailed various online personalities also licking public toilets, grocery store produce, and even poles on trains and buses.

However, given Larz’s notorious history of plumbing the depths of antisocial cretinism in his wild hunt for social media clout, we remain skeptical about his claims.

Larz previously gained notoriety and even appeared on the television show Dr. Phil last year after he posted video of himself eating from tubs of ice cream from store freezers with his bare hands before returning them to the shelf. The wannabe viral star later bragged that the reprehensible act made him “lots of money.”

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