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YouTuber Mr. Beast Donates Over $1 Million Worth of Essentials to Food Banks

As the pandemic continues around the world, food banks are struggling to secure donations.



Mr. Beast

(TMU) — Mr. Beast, the YouTube sensation known for his extravagantly expensive stunts, has once again shown how much he cares by donating over $1 million worth of food to various food banks affected by the CoViD-19 crisis.

Food banks are dependent on donations from the public to enable them to provide meals to those who need them most. Unfortunately, the current crises has made it difficult to find donors, made worse as many people took to panic buying and stockpiling goods while they shelter in place during the pandemic. The stockpiling trend has also left many stores with empty shelves and shortages of the basic necessities.

Posted by Jade Smalls on Sunday, April 12, 2020

In a video, Jimmy Donaldson, known as Mr. Beast by his millions of fans, is seen filling six trucks with pallets stacked with protein packed food to donate to food banks in North Carolina, all of which were running out of food fast.

Mr. Beast and his friends are seen in his YouTube video, posted to his channel on March 27, unloading the pallets packed with meat that included bacon and hot dogs from the trucks. The team filled the freezers of the food banks with the food loaded into the Smithfield trucks before they departed for their destinations.

Mr. Beast starts the video by saying: “Due to recent events, lots of people have started to hoard food, and when you hoard food, you donate less.”

As the world reels from the devastating effects of the pandemic as it continues around the world, food banks are struggling to secure donations. The Food Bank of the Albemarle has found it particularly difficult and a staff member said, “Two weeks ago, meat was very scarce. It was hard to find.”

Posted by Jade Smalls on Sunday, April 12, 2020

Mr. Beast is shown talking with the Smithfield program manager, Jonathan, after returning the now empty trucks, ending the video by urging viewers to donate and encourage more donations as part of Feeding America’s COVID-19 Response Fund.

For every $1 donated to the fund, Smithfield will match that donation and provide one more serving of protein to food banks in need. If Mr. Beast’s audience of over 33 million subscribers can help raise a total of $1 million for the fund, Smithfield will double its donation, providing two servings for every $1 contributed.

We’re pretty confident that Mr. Beast’s subscribers will rise to occasion and meet the $1 million dollar mark in record time, as they did five months ago by donating to Mr. Beast’s biggest challenge ever—to plant 20 million trees!

It is evident that Mr. Beast cares for humanity and our planet and is also an overall good guy, the guy whose random acts of kindness deeply touch and change ordinary people’s lives.

By Jade Small | Creative Commons |

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