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Two Guys Caught Shoplifting From Convenience Store With Watermelons Over Their Heads

One of the 20-year-old Virginia shoplifters is in a sticky situation and has been busted after he shared video on TikTok showing them prepare for the heist.



(TMU) – In the annals of criminal history, the disguises of thieves have come in multiple varieties, spanning the creative to the mundane: there was the “Geezer Bandit” of Los Angeles, the bank-robbers of Chicago who donned nun masks, and then the “Florida Man” who wore a simple plastic bag with eye cut-outs.

And now we have the “MELON-HEADS” of Virginia – two men who are in a sticky situation after they were caught on camera stealing from a convenience store while wearing the seedy disguise of whole watermelons placed over their heads.

On May 6, the men in Louisa, Virginia, went to a local Sheetz convenience store to shoplift alcohol.

And while their disguise for the heist was anything but traditional, one can only respect the unorthodox and creative spirit with which they approached their shoplifting mission.

On Saturday, suspect Justin Rogers, 20, was apprehended for his role in the robbery.

SEE: ‘Melon-head’ mask not fruitful in shoplifting incident, police say

This was a seedy way to shoplift, but in the end, at least one Virginia man was not fruitful in his attempt

Posted by CMG National News on Monday, May 18, 2020

Rogers was arrested on felony charges of wearing a mask in public while committing larceny and larceny of alcohol. Because he was under the legal drinking age of 21, he also faces misdemeanor charges of underage possession of alcohol.

Rogers’ attorneys have declined to comment on the case, reports Law & Crime.

In a post to Facebook that went viral but has since been deleted, the Louisa Police Department uploaded images of the incident along with a caption explaining the bizarre case. In a statement, the police agency wrote:

“The Town of Louisa Police Department is conducting a larceny investigation and is requesting the public’s assistance with identifying and locating the subjects of the photos attached to this request.

“On May 6, 2020, at 2135 hours, two subjects arrived at the Sheetz in a lifted 2006 Black Toyota Tacoma wearing hollowed-out watermelon rinds with holes cut out for the eyes into the store where they proceeded to commit a larceny.”

With the strange sense of humor characteristic of small local police departments, the Louisa police have named the case “MELON-HEADS.”

It didn’t take long for locals to snitch on the young scofflaw Rogers. However, his partner in petty crime is still at-large and yet to be identified.

Two suspects stole from Sheetz with watermelons on their heads

Two people are in a sticky situation after allegedly stealing from a Louisa Sheetz with carved-out watermelons on their heads. ? Seedless to say, customers told us they’re perplexed.

Posted by Ben Dennis on Sunday, May 17, 2020

The two have been mocked by online users for their inconspicuous approach to the crime.

One man sarcastically commented on the department’s Facebook post:

“Smart to take your very distinct vehicle to the crime scene.”

While another user commented:

“OMG I was literally in the store at the cash register when they walked in.”

This being 2020, the suspects also documented their crime in a series of clips posted to video-sharing social media platform Tik Tok. The videos show the two carving the watermelon out and cutting holes for eyes before walking around local shops.

In other recent news involving watermelons, a video from Bogotá, Colombia, has gone viral that depicts a transit agent discovering hollowed-out watermelons that were filled with the low-grade strain of cannabis known in the region as “Creepy.”

In the video which began circulating earlier this month, the traffic officers can be seen cutting open a watermelon with a knife only to find that it was entirely filled with plastic bags stuffed with the plant, which remains illegal in the South American nation.

One Facebook user based in Ecuador shared the video along with the cheeky caption:

“Friends, the delivery of fruit salads for Mother’s Day has been cancelled due to a small problem…”

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