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Ancient Roman Mosaic Is Discovered in Pristine Condition Under a Vineyard in Italy

This pristine ‘archaeological treasure’ near Verona may date to 3rd century AD, say experts.



(TMU) – The Roman Empire surely left their mark, and across their empire many of their beautiful and ancient Mosaic’s have been discovered by archaeologists over time. Not surprisingly, more ancient Mosaic’s have been found in Italy than anywhere else.

Made from finger nail sized natural colored stones, Roman floor Mosaics were strong, durable and had the added advantage of keeping rooms cool. Byzantine mosaics on the other hand, were used to decorate walls. Made of tiny tiles including colored glass, precious and semi-precious stones, as well as gold leaf, these mosaics were much too prized to be walked on.

Recently, archaeologists had a breakthrough in an area known for ancient Roman treasures, near the city of Verona, in Italy’s northern Veneto region, reports The Guardian. In 1922, traces of an ancient home was unearthed by officials above the town of Negrar di Valpolicella, near Verona. Some Mosaics discovered are on display in a city museum. Just short of a century later, researchers returned to the site and a team from the ‘Superintendent of Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape of Verona’ started digging in the area in October last year but it was slow going and although they had delineated the lines of the ancient Domus (private family residence) they had not found any noteworthy treasures. Unfortunately, the work had to stop because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The crew returned to the site in May, and just a week later, unearthed mosaic tiles and parts of the home’s foundation. The piece of the floor they uncovered seems to be in perfect condition, and the archaeologists are working on excavating the entire floor.

Posted by SAP società archeologica srl on Tuesday, May 26, 2020

According to a statement, the team made this extraordinary discovery just “a few meters” below the vineyard’s surface. The researchers will collaborate with authorities and the vineyard’s owners to make the site accessible to the public, although the process will need significant time and funding.

“We believe a cultural site of this value deserves attention and should be enhanced,” Negrar di Valpolicella Mayor Roberto Grison told L’Arena, as translated by the Guardian. “For this reason, together with the superintendent and those in charge of agricultural funds, we will find a way to make this treasure enjoyable.”

Posted by SAP società archeologica srl on Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Verona was an important settlement during ancient Rome, located at the intersection of four major roads of that time. Many of Verona’s ancient artifacts and monuments have been preserved through history, including the Verona Arena. This impressive ancient Roman amphitheater is still used today for concerts and operas.

The mosaic find follows in the footsteps of the discovery of seven slabs of paving stones after a sinkhole opened in the street outside Rome’s Pantheon on April 27. The slabs were tentatively dated to between 27 and 25 BC.

antica villa romana negrar

Una scoperta straordinaria, un'antica villa romana fra le vigne di Negrar?Gianni De Zuccato – Archeologo?Roberto Grison – Sindaco di Negrar

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Ancient Rome probably has many treasures still waiting to be discovered. We wait in eager anticipation.

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