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Dreamy ‘Bubble Hotels’ Let You Sleep Under the Starry Night Sky or Dancing Northern Lights

If it’s the incredible that you crave, there may be no better place to stay than at the amazing bubble hotels in Iceland.



(TMU) — Those of us who have been stuck at home can easily be forgiven for daydreaming about where our next vacation might take place once coronavirus lockdown measures are eased up and we can travel abroad freely.

After all, we can only get so immersed in Netflix, YouTube, books, and video games without actually taking the plunge into a new and exciting place.

And if it’s the incredible that you crave, there may be no better place to stay then at the amazing bubble hotels in Iceland.

These secluded retreats deep in the forests offer an entirely private glass bubble under the stunning and starry night skies of Reykholt, Southern Iceland.

While enjoying your stay in these amazing bubbles, not only will you be able to practice the most luxurious social distancing possible, but you’ll also be able to enjoy the aurora borealis or northern lights shimmering and dancing across the sky at certain times of the year.

As the website explains, guests will be able to “enjoy the aurora and stars in the winter and the midnight sun and nature in summer.”

“Some childhood dreams stay with us for our whole lives,” explains Robert Robertsson, the director of the Bubble project based in Reykjavik, Iceland. “Sleeping under the stars or watching the aurora borealis dance is one of those lifelong dreams. To fulfill these dreams, the Bubble concept was born.”

“In the winter we have the aurora or the stars, but in the summer you are going to be in the proximity to nature, wonderful birds, butterflies and great midnight-sun scenery,” Robertson added. “Forget the city, forget work and enjoy watching the aurora borealis dance for you. We can of course not guarantee you will see the lights, but if they show up you will have a magical night.”

For those of us who’ve been cooped-up with our significant other in a cluttered apartment-turned-co-working-space, the bubble may provide an ideal way to recharge a couple’s batteries. The bubble is perfectly suitable for two adults sharing a bed and offers a wonderful escape from our typically hectic lives.

Robertsson told Thrillist that he was inspired to create these minimalist “5-million star hotels” while helping to provide custom tours to tourists seeking to maximize their exposure to the aurora borealis.

“It actually all started while I was helping travelers … designing their northern lights trips here in Iceland,” said Robertsson. “One evening I got a call from one of my customers who was participating in one of the traditional northern lights tours. They had driven to a mountain, as they often do, and they had been waiting and waiting out in the freezing cold weather.

“The customers asked me on the phone, with a somewhat freezing voice, ‘Robert, Robert this is so crazy. I’m freezing to dead here. (He probably did not wear good outdoor clothes.) Don’t you know of some hotel around here where I can just lay in my warm bed and have a glass roof so I can watch the northern lights’?”

Luckily, Robertsson’s bubble accommodations are also well-heated and located near a building with a shared bathroom and kitchen.

“This experience will take you out of your busy life and reconnect you to the nature and environment,” the company website explains. “Modern life is pushing you from next things and then again to the next thing – and you never really enjoy the stillness of a place.”

“At our glamping location situated in a forest close to Reykholt on the Golden Circle you will get a moment to lay back, rethink and begin your new journey.”

So while we’re stuck at home juggling work tasks, chores, or simple time-killers, why not plan the glamping trip of a lifetime?

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