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Puppy Love: Incredible Video Shows Dog and Dolphin Playing Together at the Beach

A video showing a dolphin playing a game of chase with a dog in the shallow coastal waters along a beach is captivating online audiences.



(TMU) – A video showing a dolphin playing a game of chase in the shallow coastal waters along a beach is captivating online audiences and showing that dogs may not just be man’s best friend, but beloved by all kinds of different animals.

Anastasia Vinnikova was with her daughter walking her medium-sized dog Patrick along a beach along the coast of Crimea’s Black Sea on Saturday when she managed to capture the scene of pure joy and friendship between the unlikely pair.

Vinnikova had just begun to record Patrick when a dolphin suddenly appeared. As she filmed the footage, a pod of nearby dolphins could be seen hunting nearby.

In the meantime, Patrick can be seen running and frolicking in the water before Patrick chased it back onshore.

Clearly enjoying the playful scenario, Patrick touches the dolphin’s tail before backing off while the dolphin turns to return to the sea.

The dolphin swims back to the pod that’s still circling the water offshore before returning as Patrick scurries over to play with the sea mammal again.

“Patrick has touched a dolphin but I still haven’t,” Vinnikova said, according to Daily Mail. “In the clip, no one was hurt. The dolphins are swimming close to the shore to catch fish.

The video quickly went viral and garnered worldwide attention for capturing the magic moment when Patrick played with his new friend.

“Enchanting … I enjoyed watching it,” commented one user. “Thanks for the positive clip. I’m buying tickets to Crimea now.”

While another user said: “What a wonderful moment!!!! You really are blessed!!! Congrats and greetings from Monterrey, Mexico!”

This isn’t the first time that a dolphin can be seen affectionately interacting with curious canines.

Also on Saturday, Magen Peigelbeck was out boating at the Isle of Hope Marina in Savannah, Georgia, when a dolphin swam alongside their boat and began interacting with her two puppies, Stanley and Miles.

In video of the scene, the dolphin bobs up and down from the water and appears to be saying “hello” to the perplexed pups, who bark and growl at the spirited sea creature.

WATCH: A dolphin said "hello" to two curious dogs near the Isle of Hope Marina this morning ? Full video: (via Magen Peigelbeck)

Posted by WSAV News 3 On Your Side on Saturday, June 20, 2020

“It makes me grin and my heart get big,” Peigelbeck told WSAV. “Everyone can get along. We can learn lessons from animals.”

Back in 2016, a labrador named Ben living on an island off the coast of Donegal in Ireland also went viral after it was claimed that he befriended a lonely female dolphin living nearby. According to Ben’s owner, Pat, Ben and the dolphin – whom Pat has named “Duggie” – remained friends for quite some time.

Dolphins are renowned for being among the most intelligent animal species on the planet. From their playful nature to their sociability and friendliness, as well as their legendary interactions with seafarers, dolphins have inspired the adoration of humans since time immemorial.

Increasingly, human researchers are discovering that dolphins display skills and sophistication previously attributed only to the human species – including strong problem-solving capabilities, a complex system of communication, and apparently, a love for dogs.

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