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Sacha Baron Cohen Trolls Right Wing Rally With Racist Sing Along

Sacha Baron Cohen led a racist sing-along in character at a right-wing rally on Saturday, and the event was captured on video.



(TMU) – Over the weekend, actor and comedian Sacha Baron Cohen infiltrated a conservative rally in Olympia, Washington, and tricked the participants into singing along with a ridiculous and problematic song that had strongly racist overtones.

Towards the end of the event, he appeared on stage with a band, dressed in overalls and a wig, and began singing about a variety of topics currently popular among conservatives, asking them to sing along.

Cohen has pulled off dozens of very similar pranks in the past, where he was able to infiltrate large events and bait the participants into certain reactions, sometimes exposing bigotry in the process.

This time, Cohen targeted an event called “March for Our Rights 3,” which was organized by a militia group. It is not entirely clear why this rally was chosen specifically because the overall theme of the event appears to be gun rights, while the prank focused more on racism and conservative party politics.

Still, many of the attendees were happy to join in with Cohen as he sang about infecting Obama with the “Wuhan Flu,” or chopping him up “like the Saudis do.” He sang about the (you know whos) which Vanity Fair suggests is a reference to Jewish people, and also called for using nuclear weapons on Asian populations “like we used to do.”

Cohen was able to infiltrate the event by making a large sponsorship and donation at the last minute, which gave the organization very little time to make sure that they were dealing with a legitimate sponsor. As a part of the sponsorship, Cohen’s group paid for the event’s security, who ensured that the prank went off without any problems.

In fact, moments into Cohen’s performance the organizers of the event realized that something was off and tried to get on the stage to intervene in the situation, but the security staff would not allow them, even though it was their event, since Cohen and his team were the ones who actually hired them.

Security reportedly also prevented the organizers of the event from cutting off the power. Organizers later gave an interview about the situation, describing how they were deceived by Cohen.

Yelm City Councilman James Blair said that the crowd eventually turned on Cohen, and he was forced to flee the stage with his security team and speed away in an ambulance that was waiting nearby as a getaway vehicle.

However, it appears that Cohen put on a different disguise and returned to the event, where he was seen lurking around as the organizers were being interviewed, standing amongst them. In a photo, which has since been deleted off of twitter, he is the man who was seen in the large sunglasses and gray wig.

In a later statement on Facebook, the organizers of the event said that they do not support the messages espoused in the song, and noted that they have members of all racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. They also claimed that racism and bigotry are not welcome in their organization, and that anyone who exhibits such beliefs is immediately “dismissed.”

It is not clear if Cohen staged this prank for a new movie or for a second season of his Showtime series “Who Is America?”

WATCH: Sacha Baron Cohen infiltrated a right-wing militia event in downtown Olympia and got them to sing along with things like —?“Obama what we gotta do, inject him with the Wuhan flu" ?

Posted by The Tennessee Holler on Sunday, June 28, 2020

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