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Inmates had to clean and polish the floors of Ghislaine Maxwell’s cell

She also gets more recreational time than the other inmates.



(TMU) – At the Metropolitan Detention Center, in New York City, where Jeffrey Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell is being held, drastic measures have been taken to ensure that she makes it to trial. After Epstein’s mysterious death behind bars, prison officials are taking no chances, and they are keeping their high profile prisoner under 24-hour surveillance.

However, according to an inmate, and several lawyers with clients at the facility, Maxwell is receiving other special treatment as well. The sources told The Daily News that women inmates had to clean and polish Maxwell’s cell before she moved in, and she also gets more recreational time than the other inmates.

Most inmates get two hours of recreational time, while Maxwell gets three, and all of the other inmates need to be cleared out of the recreational area when it is her turn. The other inmates can reportedly see down to her floor from their recreational area, so while they have no contact with her, they can usually tell what she’s up to.

The fellow inmate, who spoke under the condition of anonymity, said that Maxwell has a whole floor to herself, and the only time they were allowed on the floor was to clean the area before she arrived.

“The only time we were allowed on the floor Ms. Maxwell has to herself is when they sent us to clean it and polish the floor for her. We had to polish it three times so it would be ready for her,” she said.

“We are all criminal defendants and should all be treated the same. I don’t mind Ms. Maxwell getting three hours of rec, but then we all should get three hours,” she added.

The entire floor that Maxwell is staying on was reportedly closed for a very long time and was only re-opened to accommodate the high profile prisoner.

Cameron Lindsay, a prison consultant, and former MDC warden, said that Maxwell is not only at risk because of her high profile friends, but also because sexual predators are targets for vigilante justice while behind bars.

“When you get someone so incredibly high profile as Epstein or Ghislaine Maxwell, who has been involved with children being harmed, that automatically makes them a target in the culture of jails and prisons,” Lindsay said.

As The Mind Unleashed reportedly earlier this month, one attorney that works at the prison has said that Maxwell is being moved from cell to cell to avoid assassins.

Lindsay suggested that keeping the entire floor clean and moving Maxwell from cell to cell could be a move to ensure that she isn’t hiding any contraband.

“It gives staff an opportunity to shake it down, make sure it’s clean,” Lindsay said.

Maxwell and Epstein had many powerful friends, but once Epstein was arrested, those friends likely began to see the pair as a liability. A former jewel thief that had a business relationship with Epstein and a sexual relationship with Maxwell claims that they made him watch videos where he saw at least two prominent US politicians sexually assaulting underage girls.

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