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Grandfather who raped his mentally disabled 6-year-old granddaughter jailed for only 3 years

It is expected that the grandfather will be freed before this Christmas for the monstrous crime.



An elderly Australian man who raped his mentally disabled six-year-old granddaughter is only facing three years in jail, but could be released as soon as December 3.

The 65-year-old man – whose name has not been disclosed due to legal protections in place in Australia – will be eligible for parole on Dec. 3 due to time already served prior to sentencing.

The man pleaded guilty to digitally raping his intellectually impaired granddaughter in November 2018. “Digital rape” is a term that refers to cases of rape where the perpetrator uses his finger to or fingers to force a sexual act upon their victim or otherwise penetrate them without their consent.

In his court appearance, the sick elderly man admitted his guilt and apologized following his initial denial that the horrendous act of sexual abuse took place, reports Gold Coast Bulletin.

In graphic accounts of the assault presented to the court, the helpless little girl could be heard begging her grandfather to stop before he told her to “shut up.” Prior to the assault, the man had been drinking alcohol.

It was also revealed that heartbreakingly, the young child had referred to her grandfather as “pop.”

When the blood-chilling details of the man’s sexual abuse of his granddaughter finally surfaced, he allegedly tried to escape accountability by overdosing on pills in an attempt to take his own life.

Defense attorneys claimed that the man was “disgusted” and extremely disappointed with the odious crime, which later led to the man being completely cut off by angry family members.

According to a report presented to the court, the rapist was at a “low risk” of re-offending. However, presiding Judge Catherine Muir sharply disagreed with the assertion.

“This is reprehensible offending,” Muir said. “It is predatory and it was a breach of trust committed by you on your young, intellectually impaired granddaughter.”

The devastating effects of rape and sexual abuse on survivors tend to be very far-reaching, and can last a lifetime. Myriad studies have linked child sexual abuse to psychiatric disorders, eating disorders, drug and alcohol dependence, and mental disorders including clinical depression, anxiety disorders, suicidal ideation and various post-traumatic symptoms.

Child sexual abuse involving penetration has also been identified as a risk factor for developing psychotic and schizophrenic syndromes.

Even in cases where child sexual abuse victims develop mental health difficulties later in life, there is also the problem of sleeper effects emerging later in life or being triggered by major life events.

In her remarks during sentencing, Muir noted: “Your offending, unsurprisingly, has had a destructive effect on the complainant and on your family.”

It is expected that the grandfather will be freed before this Christmas for the monstrous crime.

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