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Jeffrey Epstein Had Secret Ex-Girlfriend Who Writes Children’s Books And Hosts Meditations

In court documents that were unsealed last week, it was revealed that Jeffrey Epstein had a secret girlfriend for a few years.



(TMU) – In court documents that were unsealed last week from a civil case that one of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims brought against Ghislaine Maxwell, it was revealed that Jeffrey Epstein had a secret girlfriend for a few years.

The ex-girlfriend was identified as a 43-year-old British woman named Shelley Anne Lewis. Lewis has a publishing company for children’s books and has authored a children’s book as well. She also runs a meditation center in New York City called Sacred Space NY, and describes herself as a “spiritual entrepreneur.”

One of her books, “A Key To The Heart,” was promoted by high profile figures like Laura Bush and Harry Potter author JK Rowling.

Lewis is not yet suspected of being involved with, or knowing about Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes, but she was a frequent flyer on his jet and a regular visitor to his island.

She has not responded to requests for comment from journalists and has since deleted all of her social media accounts to avoid dealing with the media fallout from the recent news.

The pair reportedly began dating in 1999, when she was 22 and Epstein was 46. They dated for a few years, until 2002, but remained friends. Many journalists believe that Lewis was talking about Epstein when she referred to an unidentified “mentor” in an old interview.

She described the mentor as being “so original in all his thought processes that he couldn’t even see the box.” 

“My already inquisitive and curious nature evolved. I supposed it gave me a kind of ‘anything is possible’ mentality,” she said.

The two may have appeared in some photos together, but were never seen as a couple publicly. The recently released court documents revealed that Ghislaine Maxwell begged Epstein to convince Lewis to announce their relationship publicly, likely to draw negative attention away from herself.

“I would appreciate it if shelley would come out and say she was your g’friend – I think she was from end [19]99 to 2002,” Maxwell said in an email to Epstein.

Even though Lewis is not suspected of being involved in Epstein’s trafficking network, she may be wanted for questioning and could be called as a witness if she has information that could be useful in the criminal or civil trials relating to Epstein.

In a new interview, US President Donald Trump suggested that Epstein may have been killed while he was in prison, and gave his well-wishes to Maxwell once again. Trump attempted to clarify his previous comments wishing Maxwell the best, by explaining that Epstein died in prison and saying that he hopes she doesn’t meet the same fate.

New details about Epstein’s crimes and his associates are expected to be revealed during the upcoming criminal trial against Ghislaine Maxwell.

As The Mind Unleashed reported earlier this week, Epstein had many high profile friends across many professions, including the famous scientist Stephen Hawking.

Prince Andrew was reportedly one of Epstein’s most high profile clients, but he continues to deny any knowledge of or participation in Epstein’s trafficking network, despite growing evidence against him.

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