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A super-rare ‘blue moon’ will illuminate our night skies this Halloween

This year, as we enjoy Halloween with our immediate loved ones, we’ll also be treated to a stunning sight – a brilliant blue moon.



(TMU) – When we think about Halloween, we often conjure up a number of visions ranging from witches’ cauldrons brimming over with mist, flickering jack-o’-lanterns, and black cats looking spookier than they would on every other day of the year.

But this year, as we enjoy Halloween with our immediate loved ones, we’ll also be treated to a stunning sight that is far less common: a brilliant blue moon that will make its appearance on October 31, 2020.

The Halloween blue moon will be the first blue moon since March 31, 2018, and is also going to be the last blue moon to occur on Halloween until the year 2039.

Just to clear up any confusion, a “blue moon” doesn’t necessarily mean that the moon takes on an alluring azure tones or bewitching indigo shades – they actually shine just the same as any other full moon. Instead, the phenomenon occurs when there are two full moons within the span of only one month.

So while the blood moon and super moon are phenomena which change the appearance of the moon, this blue moon simply means that we’ll be treated to two full moons in the month of October – once on the first day of the month and once on the last – which is still pretty cool no matter how you frame it.

What this also means is that this year, we will actually be presented with 13 full moons rather than the typical 12 that occur in the calendar year. In fact, blue moons got their names from an old English term meaning “betrayer” – precisely because the moon seems to mess with and confuse our calendars.

And while the number 13 might seem like bad luck – especially when paired with our year, 2020 – we can assure readers that there is no danger of supernatural occurrences coming about thanks to the blue moon.

However, if you are prone to believing in superstition, there are a number of old wives’ tales about the blue moon that may entice (or alarm) you, including the following:

  • Looking at the blue moon will make girls pregnant.
  • Picking flowers under the blue moon will bring abundance.
  • Turning you bed over can mean increased fertility under a blue moon.
  • Looking at a blue moon through any kind of glass, whether it’s a beer mug or glasses, will lead to 30 days of bad luck.
  • Sleeping with the blue moon on your face will drive you insane.

While we can’t vouch for any of the above explanations, we can assure you that the world is likely to keep turning during and after Oct. 31, 2020, although who knows? This being such a bizarre year, we may be in for some surprises.

So while many of us won’t be off trick-or-treating with the kids, or attending wild costume parties and Halloween parades like we may have in the past during the pre-COVID era, we will at least be able to indulge in a gorgeous full moon that will be illuminating our streets and backyards. What’s not to love about that?

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