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Cop Keeps Job After Threatening To Kill Tenant And Sell His Child Over Late Rent Payment

A crazed off-duty police officer threatened to kill his tenant and sell his child over a late rental payment, and was still able to keep his job.



(TMU) – A crazed off-duty police officer threatened to kill his tenant and sell his child over a late rental payment, and was still able to keep his job after admitting to the accusations.

Ottawa Constable Nermin Mesic drove his tenant to a dead-end road and threatened to murder him, but luckily, the tenant was recording the entire conversation.

According to court documents, Mesic met his unnamed tenant on February 5, 2016, to discuss a late rent payment. The two met at a Tim Hortons in Gatineau, Quebec. The tenant must have been prepared for a confrontation because he brought along a voice recorder. When they met, Mesic ordered him into his car and took a short drive.

With the tenant in the car, Mesic began making threats, insisting that he was not a man to “F*** with.”

“I guarantee you I’m going to spill blood,” Mesic said at one point during the drive.

Then, Mesic stopped the car on a nearby dead-end road and threatened to kill him.

“People for money, they kill right? Your life is not worth to me $2,000,” Mesic said.

“I guarantee you, I’m going to feed you to the fish,” headed.

Mesic then gave him 24 hours to pay his rent, and told him that he would face physical consequences if he couldn’t come up with the money.

“You know I’m going to come after you, I’m going to find out where you live, I’m going to find out how you live, and I’m going to—I’m going to bury you. I will f***ing take your kid and I will sell it. I don’t give a f***,” he said.

The next day, Mesic called the tenant again and threatened to hang him if he didn’t vacate the property. This call was also recorded. The tenant immediately handed the recordings over to the Gatineau police and told them about his violent encounter with the officer. That day, Mesic was arrested and charged with uttering threats, assault, forcible confinement, and intimidation. However, for some reason, the tenant ultimately declined to press charges and the officer was able to avoid criminal court.

After the Ottawa Police Service was presented with the evidence, they allowed Mesic to keep his job after a paid suspension. He was demoted from a first-class to a second-class constable but he will have his previous position reinstated after a year. He was also ordered to attend therapy sessions due to his clear mental instability.

Mesic claimed that he was having a rough night because of a long shift, and claimed that he can say “stupid s***” sometimes. However, this situation does not appear to be an isolated incident, because he has a history of disciplinary problems as a police officer, including a 2009 conviction for slapping a teenager in the face.

Despite his demotion and the disgrace that he has brought to the police department, Mesic is still one of the highest paid public sector employees in Ontario, earning $102,527 last year.

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