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Google searches for ‘How to Move to Canada’ skyrocketed during presidential debate

With most Americans reeling from the decidedly unpleasant viewing experience, Google searches on how to move to Canada skyrocketed immensely.



(TMU) – The much-anticipated presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden was largely greeted by Americans as a complete disaster, leaving many in a state of despair over the apparent decline of the U.S. political process.

The raucous 90-minute debate saw the two septuagenarian politicians yelling, interrupting one another, and hurling insults at each other in a manner never seen before in political debates.

Journalists and pundits across the political spectrum described the crosstalk-riddled, poorly moderated event as “the worst debate of all time” while many undecided voters and supporters of both candidates saw no clear winner emerge from the free-for-all.

And with most Americans reeling from the decidedly unpleasant viewing experience, Google searches on how to move to the U.S.’s northern neighbor, Canada, skyrocketed immensely.

The search terms “How to Apply for Canadian Citizenship” and “Move to Canada” massively spiked only an hour into the debate.

And according to reports, Google searches for “How to Apply for Canadian Citizenship” peaked at 10:30 p.m ET.

The searches persisted well into the early hours of Wednesday morning as apparently unsettled Americans continued to brood about the mud-slinging extravaganza.

According to Google data, folks in Massachusetts appeared the most eager to flee the country, followed by Washington, Michigan and Ohio.

While the results may seem like a unique scenario brought about by the political polarization of the electorate under a Trump administration, every election has seen a swath of voters contemplate leaving the United States to reside in Canada. Similar “Let’s all move to Canada” sentiments peaked following the November 2004 reelection of George W. Bush, according to Google.

However, because the search engine allows us to contemplate going into self-imposed exile by clicking our mouse or tapping our phones, we’re now able to see the numbers.

Internet users were quick to respond with a slew of hilarious memes about the spike in Google searches.

One user called the presidential debate a “90-minute commercial for Canada,” while another user said they would move to Mexico if conditions grew worse in the U.S.

However, Canadians were hardly pleased by the idea of an onslaught of Americans flooding their country. Anti-U.S. sentiment has risen in Canada amid a popular mood that the U.S. has mismanaged the pandemic and that American travelers have brought their anti-mask attitudes into their nation.

Canadian tweets reflected the unease over U.S. problems spilling over the border.

One user even joked that Americans are more likely to get to the moon than successfully enter Canada.

The presidential debate was intended to be a staid, civil event but quickly degenerated into a mean-spirited verbal melee in which Trump, Biden, and moderator Chris Wallace all struggled to speak at once.

At one point, Biden told Trump to “shut up” and “shush” and called his behavior “unpresidential.”

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