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Trump Planning To “Wreck Fox” With His Own News Media Network, Sources Say

President Donald Trump reportedly has plans on starting his own media company when he leaves office.



President Donald Trump reportedly has plans on starting his own media company when he leaves office. The allegedly planned company is believed to be a conservative news network that would compete directly with Fox News.

“He plans to wreck Fox. No doubt about it,” a source told Axios.

Trump reportedly plans to launch an online media network, and will not opt for cable television because securing a channel is extremely expensive and time-consuming. However, unlike television news, he is expected to charge a monthly fee, which would likely be comparable to the $5.99 monthly service fee charged by the Fox Nation streaming service.

To gather early subscribers, Trump will have a massive email list to turn to. Trump is said to have some of the most valuable contact lists in politics.

The source told Axios that Trump will not just be looking to compete with Fox, but he will be regularly criticizing them.

“He’s going to spend a lot of time slamming Fox,” the source said.

Trump has become increasingly critical of Fox, accusing them numerous times of being too favorable to Democrats and having too many Democrat guests on the network.

Starting a new conservative news network is an idea that Trump has considered before. In 2016, he considered launching his own TV network if he lost the US presidential election. He also suggested starting a network of his own during his impeachment inquiry last year.

At a Medicare event in Florida last year, Trump said “We ought to start our own network and put some real news out there,” while he was discussing his displeasure with the coverage he was given on CNN.

“We really are, we are looking at that. We should do something about it too. Put some really talented people and get a real voice out there, not a voice that’s fake,” Trump said at the time, according to CNN

The Trump family also intends to maintain a strong presence in the Republican party, regardless of how their challenge of the electron results turns out.

Last week, three GOP advisers told CNN that Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle are making moves to expand their influence at the Republican National Committee. Other sources have said that they have ambitions to take over the party.

Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle are reportedly unhappy with RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel over what they perceive as a lack of support during a contested election. Speaking under the condition of anonymity, a Republican Party source with close ties to the White House said that Trump Jr. and Guilfoyle could seek leadership roles at the RNC.

“Don Jr. and Kimberly have an eye on the RNC, through themselves taking over or somebody close to them taking over,” the source said.

Donald Trump Jr. denied claims that he has ambitions to take over the party, as did Andrew Surabian, a Trump associate who said that the rumors are “100% incorrect.”

If the Trump family is able to expand its influence in the GOP and the RNC, they could position Donald Trump to run for president a second time in 2024, a possibility that has been floated by numerous Trump advisers. 

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