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Group Chanting “Christ Is King” Destroy California Monolith And Put Up A Cross

“Christ is king in this country. We don’t want illegal aliens from Mexico or outer space. So let’s tear this b***h down.”



A group of young men traveled over 5 hours to the top of Pine Mountain in Atascadero, California, where a new monolith was recently placed.

The group live-streamed their entire trip, and the feed was mostly footage of them driving around while singing military songs and having racist conversations. While driving in the vehicle, two members of the group can be seen in the back of the car wearing combat helmets with night-vision goggles.

They finally arrive at the site of the monolith towards the end of the livestream, and when they get there, they toppled the structure while chanting “Christ is king.”

They called the monolith “gay” and one of the men can be heard saying, “Christ is king in this country. We don’t want illegal aliens from Mexico or outer space. So let’s tear this b***h down.”

After toppling the structure, the men set up a cross in its place while chanting similar slogans. They then posed in front of the cross for the camera holding up their pointer fingers.

They made an attempt to steal the monolith, carrying it about half-way down Pine Mountain before they were seen by someone else who was at the site. It is not clear who spotted them, but in the distance, a voice can be heard shouting “grab the cross and beat them with it!”

The men dropped the monolith and hid in the bushes as soon as they realized that they were being pursued. They also speculated to their viewers that perhaps it was their political enemies. They eventually fled the site, leaving the monolith behind and still declaring victory on their stream. They also discussed calling the police and making a false report about the people who were following them, but they ultimately decided against it.

The footage was broadcast through the streaming service Dlive, from an account called “CultureWarCriminal.”

Deputy City Manager Terrie Banish told Atascadero News that the city is not planning on pressing charges against the individuals who removed the statue.

“The Monolith disappeared this morning. We did not remove it. There was rebar found in the ground, so we are planning to remove that as it’s a safety hazard. At this time, the City does not have any plans to investigate this further,” Banish said.

The cross is reportedly still standing.

The structure in California is the third monolith to mysteriously appear and then vanish days after it was reported in the news.

The excitement began late last month in the Utah desert when helicopter pilots with the state’s highway patrol noticed a strange monolith in a remote area in the wilderness as they were counting sheep from above. After posting photos of the strange monument, people tracked down the location and began flocking to the region for photo ops.

Within days, it was gone, taken by a group of environmentalists who felt that it was “trash” left in the desert where it didn’t belong.

A new structure, very similar in shape and size, appeared on a famous Romanian hillside next to a famous tourist attraction. However, this monument disappeared shortly after its existence was reported as well, and this disappearance has not yet been explained. Now the monolith in California has become the third to strangely vanish as soon as it appeared, although this disappearance is no mystery.

The full footage has been deleted, but you can view the climax of the bizarre livestream below:

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