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Pornhub Deletes Millions Of Videos Amid Child Abuse Investigation



Pornhub has deleted millions of its videos after investigations found that the website had inadvertently become a host of deplorable child abuse videos.

Due to the backlash over the illegal and depraved content, Pornhub has lost all of its payment partners. This has forced Pornhub to now only use cryptocurrencies for its subscription service. Visa, Mastercard and Discovery have all cut off payments to the website last week.

The pornography site has been under fire recently for allowing videos to remain up on its site without verifying if there was the consent of the people in them, videos that in some cases even featured child sexual abuse of missing kids.

A New York Times article detailed instances of the website allowing uploads of videos depicting minors having sex, and women being raped with no moderation in place to prevent this type of so-called “content.”

Last week, Pornhub enacted what it claims are “the most comprehensive safeguards in user-generated platform history”.

The controversial pornography site has now banned unverified uploaders from posting new content as well as stopped users from downloading videos.

The site further deleted all videos that weren’t from its own content partners or members of its Only Fans-esque “Model Program”. According to Pornhub that’s more than 10 million videos have been removed from the site and there are now less than 3 million videos available.

Pornhub averages over 100 billion views a year according to its own metrics. The adult entertainment provider said in a statement it’s being unfairly picked on for being a porn site. “It is clear that Pornhub is being targeted not because of our policies and how we compare to our peers, but because we are an adult content platform.” The post went on to say, “These are the same forces that have spent 50 years demonizing Playboy, the National Endowment for the Arts, sex education, LGBTQ rights, women’s rights, and even the American Library Association. Today, it happens to be Pornhub.”

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