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Ghislaine Maxwell Reportedly Placed on Suicide Watch as She Awaits Decades in Prison

Maxwell faces upwards of 70 years in prison for acting as the “partner-in-crime” and sex trafficker for Jeffrey Epstein.



Convicted sex trafficker and elite British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell will be “placed on suicide watch” as she awaits incarceration for likely the remainder of her years after she was found guilty of five of six charges in her trial last week.

Maxwell, 60, was placed on trial for recruiting and grooming four teenage girls for late financier Jeffrey Epstein between 1994 and 2004 and acting as what prosecutors called a “sophisticated predator” who preyed on the young and vulnerable for the benefit of rich and famous elites.

Maxwell faces a potential 70 years in prison for her crimes, and may also face added years for two of perjury counts that will be tried separately.

Since she was arrested, Maxwell has been imprisoned at the Metropolitan Detention Centre in Brooklyn, where she has reportedly spent over a year in solitary confinement.

The fresh reports that Maxwell will be placed on suicide signal renewed alarm that she will try to escape justice. According to Metro, The Bureau of Prisons placed her on suicide watch when she was first detained in July 2020.

Her notorious ex-partner Jeffrey Epstein, 66, died of apparent suicide while jailed at a federal prison in New York City as he faced a potential prison sentence of up to 45 years on charges of pedophilia and sex trafficking.

 “Maxwell was Jeffrey Epstein’s right hand,” Assistant US Attorney Alison Moe said in closing arguments on Wednesday, depicting Maxwell as someone who ensured that he could exploit and abuse young girls so that she could continue living her decadent and expensive lifestyle. 

Maxwell and Epstein were partners. They were partners in crime who sexually exploited young girls together,” Moe added.

“Epstein could not have done this alone,” Moe said.  “When that man is accompanied by a posh, smiling, respectable, age-appropriate woman, that’s when everything starts to seem legitimate.

“And when that woman… acts like it’s totally normal for that man to touch those girls, it lures them into a trap.”

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