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Neil Young Partners With ‘Amazon Music’, Offers Supporters Four Months Free

The musician offered a link where new Amazon Music subscribers can receive four months free.



Following his exit from Spotify last week, Neil Young – a past proponent against big business and “the man” – has entered into what looks to be a collaboration with Amazon Music, providing his fans a free four-month trial, and exposing the limited breadth of his activist stance in the process.

Last week, the famed artist had issued an ultimatum to Spotify, stating that they must cease promoting Joe Rogan’s COVID-19 disinformation or he will take his business somewhere else. Spotify selected Rogan, which came as no surprise given the fact that the company had allegedly committed more than $100 million to make his program exclusive to Spotify.

As a result of the move, the hashtag #CancelSpotify began to trend on Twitter, and other musicians, like Joni Mitchell of Crazy Horse and Nils Lofgren of the E Street Band, and even now Bruce Springsteen, withdrew their own recordings in solidarity with Young.

Neil Young’s advertisement for Amazon clearly demonstrates that Young is not really concerned about worker rights. And, the fact that Amazon recently reduced paid COVID leave time for infected employees, or that the business allegedly underreported employee illnesses at work, despite the fact that several of its warehouses were afflicted by extended outbreaks for more than a year, does not seem to worry him at all.

Other sources of alleged COVID-19 “disinformation”, such as ‘Fox News’ and ‘Breitbart’ Podcasts, are also available on Amazon Music, and Young doesn’t appear to be bothered by this fact, either.

Young doesn’t seem bothered by any of this at all, which calls into question his impeccable integrity which his supporters the last week have sworn by.

As a result of all the shenanigans, Spotify has implemented “content warnings” for COVID-19 material, and Rogan responded to the situation with a video on Sunday, promising to “balance things out.”  He even thanked “the haters” for helping to keep him sharp, saying “thank you to the haters, it’s good to have some haters because it makes you reassess what you’re doing…and I think that’s good, too.”

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