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A Japanese Boulder That’s Apparently Imprisoned A “Demon” For 1,000 Years Has Cracked Open

As if the world didn’t already have enough issues.



If the world didn’t already have enough issues, people are concerned that a wicked demon who had been imprisoned in a rock for over 1,000 years is now on the loose.

After centuries of confinement, the so-called ‘killing stone’ that had held the malicious spirit at bay has finally broken and shattered in two, throwing believers into a state of terror.

According to Japanese folklore, anybody who comes into touch with the rock will die as a result. Tamomo-No-Mae, also known as the Nine-Tailed Fox, is said to live on the volcanic rock, which is formally known as Sessho-seki in Japanese mythology.

The demon is said to have appeared in the form of a beautiful lady who was allegedly involved in a plan to assassinate Emperor Toba, who reigned over Japan from 1107 until 1123.

The rock, which is located in the rocky and mountain northern area of Tochigi, close to Tokyo, is something of a tourism magnet – but people are now afraid to go there. Some believe that the wicked spirit may have been revived and will now inflict evil on the world once again.

Local reports suggest the rock actually started cracking a couple of years ago, likely due to rain.

Twitter, of course, didn’t fail to pull the punches.

Oh thank god:

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