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Joe Rogan Says He Gained “Over 2 Million Subscribers” After Cancel Attempt

Attempts to terminate Joe Rogan’s show have had the polar opposite outcome.



Attempts to terminate Joe Rogan’s show have had the polar opposite outcome: Joe Rogan, the presenter of the “Joe Rogan Experience,” claims to have gathered millions of Spotify subscribers despite the continuing controversy surrounding previous episodes.

On Friday’s broadcast with British political analyst Douglas Murray, Rogan, 54, broke the news regarding his purported increase in subscribers. When asked about the response to everything, Rogan, who has an estimated 11 million listeners every episode, said:  “It’s interesting, my subscriptions went up massively — that’s what’s crazy. During the height of it all, I gained 2 million subscribers …”

Spotify does not officially publish the amount of JRE customers, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, insiders have indicated that this subscriber base has risen steadily since he first joined the platform and has not necessarily increased as a result of any one event.

In another portion of the broadcast, the UFC pundit ripped onto CNN for reporting falsely that he had taken “horse dewormer” for COVID when he actually took the human approved version. “Yeah, [the media] went for it. It’s also fortunate that the people who went for it were CNN,” he lamented. “They’re so untrustworthy and people know how biased they are and socially weird their anchors are.”

Also making fun of the media company’s short-lived streaming service CNN+, which went out of business after three weeks, the martial arts fan said: “They spent 300 million dollars, they get 10,000 subscribers.”

“Imagine the hubris of thinking that something that people don’t want for free … that you’re going to charge money for it,” he added.

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