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Marjorie Taylor Greene Says Elon Musk Will Allow Her Back On Twitter



Many infamous right-wingers who have been barred from Twitter are anxiously expecting to return to what Elon Musk refers to as the “digital town square” after his $44 billion acquisition of the social media network, which he will control wholly as a private firm.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene was among many on the right who hailed Elon Musk’s probable purchase of Twitter on Monday. On the 2nd of January this year, the Georgia representative’s personal account was permanently banned from the site because she regularly used the account to disseminate incorrect or easily disproved allegations regarding Covid-19, according to Twitter.

She projected that a takeover of the firm by billionaire Elon Musk would result in the lifting of her prohibition from the platform.“Prepare for blue check mark full scale meltdown after @elonmusk seals the deal and I should get my personal Twitter account restored,” she writes in a post from another account on Twitter. On Monday afternoon, the company announced that it will be sold to Mr Musk for a price of around $44 billion.

Ms Greene’s serial breaches of Twitter’s “content policies” were well-documented prior to her expulsion from the social media platform. It remains to be seen whether her account will be restored following an Elon takeover of the company.

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