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A Psychologist Took The Stand, Testified Johnny Depp ‘Forced’ Amber Heard To Perform Oral Sex On Him

Dr Hughes also spoke about one alleged incident where Depp apparently performed a cavity search on Heard to ‘find cocaine’.



After spending dozens of hours with Amber Heard, a psychologist testified in Johnny Depp’s defamation trial against his ex-wife that she had made some incriminating statements, after taking the stand.

The court heard evidence for several days concerning Heard’s behavior when she was married to the Pirates of the Caribbean actor. However, it is now the job of Heard’s defense team to call witnesses to the stand to speak about Depp’s behavior from Amber’s point of view.

Heard was interrogated for 29 hours by Dr Dawn Hughes, who is a professional and forensic psychologist who also happens to be a specialist in domestic abuse, according to the publication Insider.

According to her, Heard informed her about Depp’s alleged “drug-fueled rages” and she shared this information with the court:

“When Mr. Depp was drunk or high, he’d throw her on the bed, rip off her nightgown, and try to have sex with her,” Dr Hughes said. “There were times when he forced her to give him oral sex when he was angry. These weren’t in loving moments. These were angry moments. These were moments of dominance, moments where he was trying to get control of her.” She continued.

Dr Hughes also testified about an alleged event in which Depp allegedly did a cavity search on Heard in order to ‘find cocaine.’ Depp has denied the allegations.

The court has heard about how the Aquaman actor slapped Depp, among many other acts of abuse, but according to the doctor, this does not equal to the way Depp acted throughout their marriage. 

“Even though she yelled and hit him and said some terrible things to him, it was never able to shift the balance of power in the relationship,” Dr Hughes says. “If he was not able to perform he would get more angry at her and blame her.” She adds.

Dr Hughes concluded that Heard’s experience was compatible with what we know about intimate partner violence and that she had post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after performing a forensic assessment of the actress.

She told the court, “.. (my) main opinion is that Ms. Heard’s report of intimate partner violence and the records I reviewed is consistent with what we know in the field about intimate partner violence, characterized by physical violence, psychological aggression, sexual violence, coercive control and surveillance behaviors.”

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