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Amber Heard Sobs in Court As She Graphically Recalls Alleged Australia Fight With Johnny Depp



Amber Heard started her evidence on Wednesday morning by recounting how she and her husband met on the set of “The Rum Diary”. She then went on to describe the first incident in which Depp is said to have hit her. During a court appearance on Thursday morning, she detailed further charges of abuse, including the claim that he kicked her in front of other passengers on an aircraft.

As per Heard, “I was marrying to the love of my life.” ‘The Danish Girl,’ she said, was being filmed in London at the time, and she took three days off for her wedding before returning to the set. Additionally, Depp had a commitment to shoot “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” in Australia, which is why they chose to be married early in the year.

Heard cried as she recalled a dispute she had with Johnny Depp in Australia, during which she alleges he sexually attacked her with a vodka bottle. 

She said that Depp accused her of having sexual relations with the film’s director, and then with the film’s star, Eddie Redmayne. Heard recalled an episode in which Depp contacted her hotel room and she did not respond because she was in the shower.  he claimed that Depp contacted her hotel room to ensure that she was in the room and compelled her to call him on the hotel room phone to show that she was really there. The next day, she boarded a flight to Australia.

Heard said that she was worried about Depp when she first landed in Australia since he seemed to have dropped a significant amount of weight. Her account of the evening’s events revealed that Depp brought out a bag of MDMA, which she described as “surprising.”

She said that they had gotten into an altercation and that she had “stomped off.” It was then that she said Depp grabbed her arm, after which she claimed things became “hazy.” She told the jury that she can only recall events in flashes and not in a “linear manner.” Heard continued to say that Depp threw her across the room and she “slid” across the floor. She then said they entered a period of “on/off” arguments. In one instance, she claimed Depp “had me up against the fridge … he was holding me there, by my throat. I was wondering if it was the drugs or if it was him.”

“He’s bashing me against the wall next to the fridge,” she told the court “At some point, I’m in his face … I remember slapping him across the face, screaming at him, he’s screaming at me … I stormed off, I slammed the door upstairs.” She said that, at one point, she barricaded the door. “It wouldn’t stop him from coming in” through another door, she added.

Amber Heard went on to tearfully tell the court that Depp sexually assulted her by putting a bottle inside her: “I don’t remember what I said, I just remember being really still and not wanting to move and I remember looking around the room and looking at all the broken bottles, broken glass, and I remember just not wanting to move because I didn’t know if it was broken.” 

Heard was then asked if she was penetrated with the bottle. “Johnny had the bottle inside of me,” Heard said through tears. “He was shoving it inside me over and over again.” Heard said she also had cuts on her forearms and “the bottoms of my feet were sliced up pretty good.”

“I looked around and saw so much broken glass. I didn’t know if he would know if it was broken or not. I just remember thinking ‘please God, I hope it’s not broken’. I don’t know how that ended.”

You can watch some of the footage here:

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