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Christian OnlyFans Model: God Wants Me To Keep Making Content Until I’m In My 70s



A Christian model who works for OnlyFans says that God urged her to continue modeling until she is in her 70s and that she eventually wants to be a GILF. That’s which is an acronym for.. well you know.

After having a dream about Jesus when she was only nine years old, Nita Marie, who is now 46 years old and has 985,000 followers on Instagram (@love nitamarie), discovered her religion. Nita Marie makes $120,000 per month via OnlyFans.

Ladbible reports that the influencer, who was born and raised in Colorado, was previously in the news for claiming that “Jesus would have loved sex workers,” for engaging in sexual activity with both her spouse and the holy god, and for claiming that her x-rated vocation is what God “wanted her to do.”

But despite the fact that other worshipers have called her out for her provocative photos, she claims that God is not only “leading” her through her endeavor on OnlyFans but also wants her to continue doing so for the next few decades.

“I want to be a GILF [grandma I’d like to f**k] and empower older women to look and feel good in their own bodies,” she says. “I also want to encourage them to have an active sex life.  I know that God doesn’t want me to retire.” She continued.

“God is guiding me through my OnlyFans career and he said I should continue creating content until my 70s. [My husband] doesn’t want me to retire either – he likes the money too much,” she added.

The mother of two may be a dedicated believer of Christianity, but she considers the Bible to be “misogynistic” due to the fact that it was created during a period when women were not permitted to read or write. As a result of this, she is on a mission from God to encourage women to celebrate their sexuality and demonstrate that this is what God meant all along.

Nita said: “Having OnlyFans is too much fun and I love my fans. I asked God if he wanted me to continue [stripping] and the answer was always yes.  I see now that I am being guided to continue, so I can help women and men have healthy relationships with sex and their bodies, regardless of age,” she says.

“To me, sexuality is a huge part of my faith – it’s a gift that God gave us to experience with other people where both parties are consensual. When we experience an orgasm with someone else, we share a small part of how God feels about us,” she continued.

Nita has said in the past that she enjoys the “best sex” of her whole life when she gets into bed with both her husband and the “heavenly father” on a “twice weekly” basis. This is the scenario that she describes as having the “greatest sex” of her entire life. She has also just shared her best tips on how to make a woman climax, which includes focusing on the task at hand, being gentle, and taking your time.

Well, thats enough internet for today.

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