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Japanese Man Who Married Hologram Can No Longer Communicate With Her After Her Software Expired

A 38-year-old Japanese man is no longer able to communicate with a hologram he married four years ago.



Despite the fact that he was married four years ago to a hologram of a fictitious pop singer, a 38-year-old Japanese man is no longer able to communicate with her since the company that developed the technology has ceased supporting it.

Japan’s The Mainichi newspaper said that Akihiko Kondo still loves his wife despite the fact that Gatebox, the firm that produces the artificial intelligence software that powers his wife, Hatsune Miku, has announced that it would cease work on the program in March 2020.

He tells The Mainichi:

“My love for Miku hasn’t changed. I held the wedding ceremony because I thought I could be with her forever.”

Although none of Kondo’s family attended his wedding to Miku — an animated 16-year-old with large eyes — he still spent two million yen ($17,600) on a ceremonial ceremony at a Tokyo wedding Hall, according to an AFP article.

Kondo tells the BBC;

“There are two reasons why I had a wedding publicly. The first one is to prove my love to Miku. The second one is there are many young otaku people like me falling in love with anime characters. I want to show the world that I support them.”

There are other people involved in relationships with artificial character’s besides him. As revealed by the Mirror, thousands of ficto-sexual persons in Japan have started similar unofficial relationships with a range of imaginary personalities. The future is now, I guess?

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