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Texas Mom Shoots Man Dead After He Broke Into Her Home While Her Three Children Slept Inside



Police in San Antonio, Texas, confirmed on Friday that a woman shot and killed a man who broke into her house while her children were inside sleeping.

She was at home with her three children on Thursday evening when she heard someone breaking into her house. The man, identified as 41-year-old Roman Rodriguez,  entered the home from the laundry room in the back, which is adjacent to South Side Lions Park. According to KSAT News, the woman shot him twice in the chest. It seems that there was additional damage to a fence surrounding the home in the photos from the site.

Police spotted Rodriguez slumped over on a chair in the backyard of the 600 block of Kashmuir Place when they arrived. En route to the hospital, Rodriguez died from his wounds, according to authorities, with an autopsy determining that he died from gunshot wounds to the torso, KSAT reported. Nobody else was injured.

In light of Texas’ Castle Doctrine, which permits homeowners to use force against intruders who are illegally and violently entering or trying to enter their house, car, or workplace, the mother is not facing any charges. According to News 4 San Antonio, police are currently investigating the incident.

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