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Texas School Where 21 Were Murdered By Deranged Gunman, Is Going To Be Demolished

Robb Elementary School will be demolished.



As a result of the shooting that shook the United States and the rest of the globe, Robb Elementary School will be demolished. The assault in Uvalde, Texas, claimed the lives of nineteen children who were all enrolled in the same fourth-grade class. Additionally, two educators had their lives taken.

After the assault, the tightly knit town was left in disarray, and the decision was made by the municipal council to demolish the school as a response to the horrible murders that took place there.

According to Sky News, Mayor Don McLaughlin of the City of Uvalde stated that the structure will be demolished. Nevertheless, McLaughlin emphasized that there is not presently a schedule for the school to be demolished at this time.

The shooting at Uvalde High School was the bloodiest attack at an American school since the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy, which claimed 26 lives.

The killing in Texas has prompted a more widespread discussion on gun violence in the United States, with some calling for more gun control and some calling for more guns in the hands of of willing and able school staff to protect children.

In the wake of the deadly massacre, a painful truth has become apparent, and people are discussing whether authorities are even willing to protect citizens or even children at all in a post 2nd amendment world, after all, federal courts have ruled over and over that police have no actual duty to protect the public. So can someone remind me why they exist, then?

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