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A Metalhead From Florida Says He Built Working Guitar Out Of His Dead Uncle’s Skeleton

The unbelievable account of a metalhead’s mission to make his uncle “shred for all eternity”



A man known as “Prince Midnight” apparently made the decision to fashion a guitar out of the bones of his late uncle Filip. He has provided a detailed account of how he built what he refers to as his “Skelecaster.”

Prince Midnight claims that the guitar is able to be played flawlessly and that it “sounds awesome.”

“So, my uncle Filip died in the 90’s and donated his body to science. However, the schools in Greece discontinued using actual skeletons and he ended up in a box in a cemetery that the family has had to pay rent on (permanent grave was $150,000) So, we finally made the move to bring him to the US. Happy to be reunited!” He says in a Facebook post.

You can see a video of him playing the “Skelecaster” here:

“He originally donated his skeleton to the local college and was medically prepared for the school,” Midnight says to Guitar World.

(Image credit: Prince Midnight)

“After 20 years, he ended up in a cemetery my family had to pay rent on. Like, literally in a wooden box. It’s a big problem in Greece because orthodoxy religion doesn’t want people cremated.” He added.

In order to bring back his uncle’s remains, Prince Midnight got in touch with the appropriate authorities, such as the state department and the state attorney’s office.

“So I got the box of bones from Greece and didn’t know what to do at first – bury them? Cremate them? Put them in the attic? All seemed like poor ways to memorialize someone who got me into heavy metal,” he continues.

As a result, Prince Midnight came to the conclusion that he should transform his uncle into a guitar, an endeavor that, as one would expect, “proved to be challenging.” After a significant amount of study – he even talked with two individuals working at Dean Guitars in Florida, who finally “had cold feet”. 

Midnight then constructed the instrument himself that is now in front of us and christened it the Filip Skelecaster.

Could it be a hoax? It seems like it may be a possibility, but I suppose we will never know.

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