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“Frog Army”: Teen Breeds Millions of Frogs In His Backyard, Unleashes Them On His Neighborhood

“I wanted to create the largest frog army in history.”



According to an article from The Guardian, conservation scientists are concerned by the possible implications of the habit becoming viral. The kid in question claims to have gathered more than 1.4 million frog eggs, which have subsequently hatched within their backyard pool.

“I wanted to create the largest frog army in history,” a Tik Toker who goes by the handle thinfrog stated in a video that was uploaded not too long ago. “Next year I will create a giant pond for ten million frogs.”

Before long, the large undulating mass of little frogs apparently took over the yard of the TikToker…. as well as the yard of their neighbor… before spreading “across the neighborhood.”


no more going in the garden this year and the neighbors because the gardens took over by my giant frog army??

♬ RAVE – Dxrk ダーク

Tierra Curry, a conservation scientist with the Center for Biological Diversity, a non-profit organization located in Arizona said to the guardian:“It makes me cringe.”

Instead of helping, [these TikTok users] are actually hurting the animals they’re releasing and all the animals in the environment that they’re releasing them into — it’s creating a vector for disease and invasive species,” she continued.

Teenagers wrecking havoc on fragile natural ecosystems is, needless to say, not something that has experts jumping for joy. This is particularly true if other adolescents, also known as copycats, start to catch on.

In a worrying development, the comment sections are packed with other users asking accounts like thinfrog how to begin their own armies. So we may have another new Tik Tok trend on our hands.

In the end, the users of TikTok just care about their view count. As has been the case with thinfrog, a single video that goes viral on the video-sharing site may bring in tens of millions of views.

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