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Ghislaine Maxwell Relocated to “Low Security” Prison in Florida Where Inmates Can Do Yoga, Play Sports

They refused to reveal why she was transferred, citing “privacy, safety, and security reasons.”



Ghislaine Maxwell Low Security Prison

Convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell, 60, has been relocated to a “low-security” prison in Florida where inmates can partake in a wide range of recreational activities—including arts and crafts, yoga, movies and playing sports.

Maxwell, who just got sentenced to 20 years in prison last month for trafficking teenage girls to have sex with Jeffrey Epstein and his clients while sexually abusing them herself, was transferred from the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn to the Tallahassee Federal Correctional Institution in Florida on Friday, the Federal Bureau of Prisons announced on Monday.

However, the bureau refused to reveal why Maxwell was relocated, citing “privacy, safety, and security reasons,” but that it transfers inmates “based on a number of factors,” including the “level of security and supervision the inmate requires,” and “any medical or programming needs.”

The New York Post called the move “surprising” due to the fact that Maxwell’s sentencing judge, Alison Nathan, advised that she be sent to the Federal Correctional Institution, Danbury in Connecticut.

Maxwell’s new “home” offers “leisure activities and recreation programs” for inmates that “help develop an individual wellness concept for participants,” according to the prison’s handbook.

The Tallahassee Federal Correctional Institution is an all-female institution. Inmates are free to engage in talent shows, art classes, movies, frisbee, flag football, pilates and yoga—a favorite activity of hers. Maxwell can enter into apprenticeship programs to learn skills if she so desires. They even have talent shows. She’ll be able to spend up to $360 a month at the commissary, which offers toiletries and snacks, including Nutella and smoked gouda spread. In case that’s not enough for an inmate, there’s also a weight room and outdoor track.

“Programs include indoor and outdoor activities, and range from individualized arts and crafts programs to intramural team sports such as softball, basketball, and volleyball,” the handbook reads.

“Physical fitness and weight reduction programs are also important activities for inmates and contribute to mental health, good interpersonal relationships, and stress reduction. In addition, inmates can learn to use their free time constructively.”

“Sex offenders can walk the yard,” claimed one inmate, according to prison consulting firm Zoukis Consulting Group. Another prisoner said, “Everybody can walk, even women who killed their children or other people’s children. Nobody cares. And nobody cares about informants either.”

Weeks after complaining of being prevented from having visitors in Brooklyn, Maxwell will now be able to receive weekly visits with up to four adults and eight kids at any one time.

Her release is currently set for July 17, 2037.

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