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Horrifying Footage Shows Sinkhole Opening Under Swimming Pool And Dragging Man To His Death



In Israel, the body of a man who was presumed to have drowned after being swept into a sinkhole that unexpectedly appeared in a swimming pool was discovered, Newsweek reports.

According to a story published by The Times of Israel, it took four hours for rescue efforts to be completed on July 21 before emergency workers retrieved the corpse of the guy from the hole that was 43 feet deep.

His identity was later revealed to be that of 32-year-old Klil Kimhi; however, it is still unclear how he passed away; it is possible that he drowned, was crushed, or died as a result of the fall.

The bottom of the swimming pool, which was placed in a private residence in Karmei Yosef, in the central region of Israel, can be seen in a video that was shared on social media buckle and collapse inwards, absorbing the majority of the pool’s water in a matter of seconds.

Two guys were sucked into a vortex that eventually sucked them down into the chasm.

One of the males, who was 34 years old, was able to make his way out, while Kimhi was subsequently discovered dead. There were a total of eight persons in the pool at the time, although only six of them weren’t injured.

According to the United States Geological Survey, sinkholes can be caused by a number of different processes; however, the most common cause is when the ground beneath the land surface dissolves into the groundwater and is washed away, leaving behind an open cavern that is only covered by a thin layer of ground.

In regions where the rocks are composed mostly of limestone, carbonate rock, or salt beds, the occurrence of sinkholes is common.

Sinkholes may also be caused by human activity, such as groundwater pumping and building operations, which alter the ground and water drainage. This can result in the formation of sinkholes.

When the thin layer of surface ultimately gives way, whole automobiles or even homes might collapse into the earth when a sinkhole eventually forms. The greater the gap that exists under the land surface, the more dramatic the sinkhole.

The following footage is of a sinkhole that formed in the Bronx and actually swallowed a van:

As rescue crews hunted for the missing guy in Israel, they constructed a support system to keep the pool bottom from collapsing further upon them as they continued their search.

The search was made more difficult by the possibility that there were other tunnels connecting to the main sinkhole tunnel. If these tunnels collapsed, it would be very hazardous for the rescue crews that were searching for the missing man.

The Israeli police officers who responded to the site said that they were launching an inquiry into the death of the person and that they were going to investigate the licensing requirements that were met in order to build the pool.

It said that the owner had not submitted a permit application prior to the construction of the pool and that because of this local police have “interrogated the owner of the home on suspicions of negligent manslaughter,” The Times of Israel reported.

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