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Jamie Campbell Bower’s Acting Range Is On Full Display in Video Of Him Recording Vecna’s Voice

Jamie Campbell Bower uploaded a video of him recording Vecna’s voice, and fans love it.



After Jamie Campbell Bower uploaded a video of him recording Vecna’s voice, viewers of Stranger Things were blown away by the actor’s vocal range, which he trained many hours and used to portray the character.

You may have assumed that the already-impressive ensemble of the blockbuster supernatural series streaming on Netflix couldn’t possible get much better in the show’s fourth season.

However, the cast changes brought about by the introduction of Eduardo Franco (Argyle), Joseph Quinn (Eddie), and Campbell Bower (Henry Creel/One/Vecna) showed that we were all mistaken.

After revealing some behind the scenes (BTS) video of his voice recording for the nasty character of Vecna, Campbell Bower in particular has left fans of Stranger Things flabbergasted.

Campbell Bower posted a video on Instagram in which he can be seen doing automatic dialogue replacement (ADR) work “a few weeks before release.”

Campbell Bower can be seen in the video performing a section of the script that will be used in the last episode of the fourth season.

The behind-the-scenes video has prompted fans of Stranger Things to explode in amazement of Campbell Bower, starstruck by the actor’s remarkable vocal range. The video shows exactly how low he pushed his voice go to obtain Vecna’s striking growl, and this has caused fans to erupt in wonder of Campbell Bower.

Campbell Bower said that it was “very tricky” to capture Vecna’s voice, despite the fact that the character of the antagonist has been nailed down so perfectly.

He tells The Hollywood Reporter: “I started with this weird kind of [grunting] thing in the read-through, and you know when you’re doing something wrong, the room goes cold. I knew I hadn’t gotten it at that point, that I had to work more at it. And it was predominantly through meditation that I found it.”

“One of the most fascinating things about Henry/One/Vecna is that there’s constantly this level of truth. And for me, when I tell the truth, I’m still and my voice gets so much lower. It happens to all of us. And when we’re excited, and we’re not breathing properly [our voices go up]. So it took me to calm down, be as open as possible to it and let it come.” He added.

Campbell Bower divulged the fact that he “loved talking in the voice” of Vecna so much that he would continue to represent the character even while shooting was not taking place.

He told Screen Rant: “I loved talking in the voice. That was always my favorite thing, talking in the voice.”

“So, at the end of a long day, the things that were coming out of my mouth in the Vecna voice were always very interesting and very funny. But, I really like just skulking around and being grim.”

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