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Tower Blocks Evacuated After Town Was Engulfed By Massive Marijuana Cloud



After a burning that was supposed to be controlled turned out to be, well, uncontrolled, residents of a town in Colombia were overwhelmed by a massive cloud of marijuana smoke.

It was first assumed that a fire was growing in Bello, Medellin; however, people quickly realized that it didn’t smell like your typical flame. It found out that the cops had attempted to carry out a controlled burning of the confiscated marijuana, but the situation was everything but controlled when the wind rose up.

Resident Edilberto Castaño spoke to Caracol TV about the incident: “We felt a very horrible smoke coming out of the battalion, a tremendous smell of marijuana that stopped everyone.”

The recent seizure of 1.5 tons of cannabis by law enforcement was hailed as a significant victory against drug traffickers and was cause for celebration by Police.

Daniela Ortega, secretary of security for Bello, said: “This is one more blow that we can give in the municipality of Bello in coordination with the National Police. We invite citizens to continue denouncing and to continue believing in the institutions.”

Nevertheless, it is possible that this confidence in the institutions has been undermined as a result of the fire, which allegedly caused the evacuation of numerous tower blocks. According to Colombian newspaper El Espectador, one resident remarked: “Complete negligence. So-called controlled burning. Several apartment towers had to be evacuated because of this little joke. Someone needs to answer for this bad decision.”

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