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Maitland Ward, Former Disney Actress-Turned-Pornstar, Speaks Out Against Hollywood’s “Dark Side” In New Memoir

Maitland Ward, who is a former Disney actress, has spoken out against the entertainment industry.



Maitland Ward, who is a former Disney actress, has spoken out against the entertainment industry in Hollywood and believes that going to pornography helped save her.

The actress most famous for her role on Boy Meets World, which she played from 1999 to 2001, made the decision to enter the porn business in 2019, and she has not turned back.

Rated X, a brand-new memoir that spills the beans on her life, has provided us with an insider’s glimpse into the alleged ‘dark side’ of Hollywood and the film industry.

According to Maitland, she was reportedly requested to put on lingerie for the producers at the office on many occasions. This is one of the examples she provides in her book.

Rated X, Maitland Ward’s very own autobiography, was only just made available to the public. Photo by @maitlandward and posted on Instagram.

“There was something exhilarating about eyeballs fixed on my scantily clad frame, even though I wasn’t all that comfortable with my body yet,” she wrote in her new memoir. “The degree of my nudity wasn’t the problem I had with the whole thing. In fact, if they had come to me and asked my thoughts on the matter or how I wanted it to all play out, I would have had fun with it.”

“What bothered me was that I could never get past the feeling that the writers were having fun at my expense and devaluing me in some way – like I was a punch line to a joke I would never be privy to,” she added.

In a recent interview with the Daily Star, the 45-year-old stated: “I would wear the little skimpy outfits (on set) but if I did it in my personal life, if I was dressing cute or sexy, they said it was ‘desperate’.

“They’d be like, ‘You can’t do that, you can [dress scantily] for other people but not for yourself’ and then I had two publicists too [who’d control me]. One told me ‘You will not make money being sexy, you need to take this off of Instagram, you need to take your bikini pictures off, it looks desperate and if they want something sexy they’ll go for someone 25′.

“I hope that man is listening right now, he’ll get an earful.”

Since 2019, Ward has been engaged in the porn industry. Photo by @maitlandward and posted on Instagram.

She extends her gratitude to her supporters for sticking with her and says the following: “If I didn’t have my fans and didn’t have social media at the beginning where I could express myself authentically and if I didn’t have the press, I wouldn’t have gotten the attention and expanded my audience or had a career that I love and I really appreciate that.”

“I look at things in a different way now and it’s so weird to think at the time the things that I thought were very uncomfortable and very weird shouldn’t have happened.”

The star concluded: “F**k Hollywood and its continued dismissal of me.”

“F**k those who shunned me and kicked me aside and told me I would never be a performer, or a success, or an actress again at all. F**k everyone who made me think or made anyone else in the world ever think that you can’t be everything that you are.”

Rated-X is now available for purchase.

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