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Man Infiltrates Incel Community and Makes Terrifying Discovery

What he found is so sickening it makes your stomach turn.



Incel Community

You may have heard of Andrew Tate by now.

He is a former kickboxer who has espoused extreme misogynistic beliefs, such as that women should obey males and be faithful even when their partners cheat. Tate has also asserted that rape survivors “bear responsibility” for their own sexual assaults.

He has found widespread support among the incel community.

Videos of Tate espousing his disgusting beliefs have been viewed more than 11 billion times on TikTok and have been lapped up by the exceptionally loyal community known as incels.

Men who belong to this group also makes use of misogynistic rhetoric in order to dehumanize women. The incel (short for “involuntary celibacy”) movement is a community that exists primarily online and harbors resentment at women at its core for not providing them with sex.

Unfortunately, the frightening rise of this sexist subculture is being amplified all over the world. The internet is helping to amplify this subculture’s message everywhere.

An exhaustive study of the user bases of global incel forums found that Sweden has one of the highest proportions of incels in relation to the size of its population. The country has 240 visits to incel forums for every million people that live there.

This is surprising coming from a country that has historically been at the forefront of defending women’s rights and making progress toward equality.

Man Goes Undercover to Study Incels

Author Pascal Engman, who is from Sweden, made the decision to go undercover in order to get additional information about the disturbing community. Because of the backlash that their extremist views receive from society, these individuals have no choice but to spend their entire lives online.

Therefore, Engman was aware that the only way to truly immerse himself in their world and gain a deeper comprehension of it would be to read through their forums.

He devoted the better part of three months reading through all of their private postings and comments across the internet. The more he dove into his investigation of this online subculture, the more disturbing his discoveries grew.

For instance, incels who successfully commit acts of violence against women are elevated to the status of gods by many online and showered with acclaim that is so sickening it makes your stomach turn.

“I will raise a beer to every victim who turns out to be a woman between 18 and 35”

“Genocide against women would be perfectly warranted, that is my humble opinion”

Such admiration and praise came after the first attack of its kind in the United Kingdom in 2021, when Jake Davison, then 22 years old, used a gun to kill five people in Plymouth before turning the gun on himself, so establishing his image as a martyr in the incel forums.

One of the victims was a three-year-old child. Another was Davison’s own mother. This news was met with jubilation in the online communities that he had previously frequented.

The content on these forums reveals that the only thing that even comes close to the level of contempt that many incels feel towards women is the level of loathing that they feel for themselves.

“I’m almost thirty years old. My best years will soon be behind me, and I have never even been anywhere near a woman – not as a boyfriend, not as a one-night stand. They don’t want me. They make it very obvious too. They might not hate me, but they treat me with contempt, which is worse.”

Pascal Engman reported witnessing young men posting images of themselves to online forums, asking other incels to critique their appearance, and afterwards being informed that they should end their lives by suicide. They come to feel that the reason they are unable to have sexual relations is due to the fact that they are “ugly,” and as a result, incels acquire an intense hatred for themselves.

This results in the horrible practice known as “bone smashing,” in which individuals beat themselves in the face in an effort to make their jawline more prominent. They do this because they feel that a strong jawline is the most attractive masculine characteristic.

The incel movement relies heavily on dehumanization as a strategy. Once they have reached the conclusion that women should be seen as less than human, its members are free to humiliate, pollute, and endanger women whenever they like.

“I don’t regard women as people. All they are, or should be, is slaves for men. Cooking, cleaning and spreading their legs when they’re told.”

“Society hates us and we are men. No one cares about us. We have to turn to violence, to force society to help us.”

When referring to women as “femoids,” the best-case situation is that incels perceive them as objects, and the worst-case scenario is that they are targets.

The fact that incels see women merely as things raises the risk of danger, as they will likely develop the mistaken belief that they are entitled to them. When they find out that this is not the case, they begin to think of ways to take by force what they believe is rightfully theirs to begin with.

Because many members of the incel movement believe that they are entitled to sex with women, they have campaigned for the establishment of rape camps where victims would be subjected to state-sanctioned violence.

As soon as Engman understood the scope of the problem, he felt obligated to write about it in the expectation that more people would become aware of the growing danger that women face all around the world.

In his novel, “Femicide,” the author investigates the seemingly unrelated killings of three women who, throughout the course of the story, are revealed to all be connected to the incel movement.

Misogyny has been around since the beginning of time; however, the proliferation of incel forums has given millions of men a platform on which they may vent their intense hatred toward women while maintaining their anonymity.

Incels will continue to rise in numbers and this cannot be ignored.

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