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Factory Worker Miraculously Lives After Falling Into a Scolding Hot 1300 Degree Aluminum Furnace



A 25-year-old electrician almost lost his life when he fell into a vat of molten aluminum that was heated to 1300 degrees Fahrenheit. The fact that the guy lived at all is incredible enough, much alone the fact that he freed himself from the metal on his own.

As one can expect, he has suffered severe burns and is now receiving medical attention. He is severely wounded, yet he survived the ordeal.

The event occurred when the employee was working on the factory’s furnace in St. Gallen, Switzerland. Through a trap door, he plunged down into the molten aluminum below, sinking to his knees.

In spite of the pain he was in, the type we all pray we’ll never know, he was able to free himself, at which point the alarm was sounded.

First, paramedics and physicians hurried to the site, and then an air ambulance came to take him immediately to the hospital. Now, investigators have begun looking into what led up to this terrible event.

The vat of molten metal. Credit: St Gallen police

At the same factory in 2014, an explosion for unknown reasons left a guy with horrible burns to his face, so this is not the first time a catastrophic disaster has happened there.

The guy, who apparently went through a circular hole and onto the hot metal below, is in critical but hopefully recoverable condition. In a recent incident, a massive vat full of liquid metal crashed to the floor of a workplace, forcing another guy to make a miraculous escape.

Whatever caused the liquid metal to splatter over the floor while the guy was nearby remains a mystery. Video surveillance video from what is thought to be an Iranian foundry shows the moment the metal fell to the ground, just as the guy dodged it.

As it poured down, the liquid metal resembled molten lava and covered the whole manufacturing floor. The post-January sharing has resulted in a global phenomenon.

Obviously, that was a terrible mishap. Video courtesy of Current Events/YouTube.

This guy was fortunate, but it should give us all pause to think about the need of safety in potentially dangerous environments like factories.

While the guy who fell into the pool of molten aluminum was fortunate to escape injury, it would be stretching things to call him lucky.

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