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MrBeast Responds To Being ‘Canceled’ For Buying Neighborhood For His Staff And Family To Live In



MrBeast has reacted to being “cancelled” because he purportedly bought almost all of the houses on one street so that his staff could live in them.

Jimmy Donaldson, a famous content maker also known as Mr. Beast, is said to have bought several houses on a cul-de-sac in the southeast areas of Greenville, North Carolina for his workers and family to live in.

MrBeast has made a name for himself by doing tricks, jokes, giving away money, and doing good things like giving hearing aids to 1,000 deaf people. Now, he has given his employees stress-free housing close to work so they don’t have to waste time traveling.

The normally devoted fans of the YouTuber, who is now 25 years old, were, however, caught aback by the neighborhood, which is not far from the place where the YouTuber spent his formative years.

One tweeted: “That sounds very culty lol.”

“The next Jonestown will happen here,” darkly quipped another person. A third stated: “Imagine losing your job and your house on the same day. That’s what company towns are. Your employer owns every aspect of your life.”

However, it wasn’t all negative feedback from his devoted following.

One tweeted: “There’s always someone who wants to ruin the fun, right? I don’t see anything wrong with helping people in need without strings attached.” A second said: “You could rid of the entire world of debt and someone somewhere would find something negative to say about it. Nothing you can do.” A third quipped that the haters were ‘clutching at straws’: “They really scraping at the bottom if the barrel to cancel this man.”

Now, MrBeast himself has gotten behind his computer keyboard to answer to the criticism that has been leveled at him, saying while he joked to his 20.4m followers: “Only I could get canceled for giving people a place to live with no strings attached.. All these company town tweets make no sense, I was just helping some people.”

According to sources from The New York Post, MrBeast acquired his own 3,000 square foot, four-bedroom house in 2018 for a price that was relatively low at $320,000. This property was the first one on the block to be bought by him.

After that, he started purchasing more properties on the same street off-market and for more than they were worth at the time.

On the block, there is still one home that has not been sold. This may be explained by the fact that the family living there wanted their children to complete school before moving.

According to Aaron Bowden, who sold his house to MrBeast the previous year, MrBeast was honest about his intentions for the cul-de-sac when they discussed the property.

He told The New York Post: “We negotiated back and forth and it had to be worth my while. And he wasn’t gonna buy it, if it wasn’t worth his while.”

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