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Aussie Farmer Rain

This Aussie Farmer’s Reaction to Torrential Rain After Months of Drought and Fire is Priceless

Australians have flocked to social media to express their appreciation and awe in ...

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Australian Sniper

This Australian Sniper is Now Leading a Fight to Defend Endangered Wildlife From Slaughter

Damien Mander has saved huge populations of elephants and rhinos from being slaugh...

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Bees Love Cannabis

Bees Absolutely Love Cannabis and It Could Help Restore Their Populations

That’s great news for the environment!...

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Betty White

Betty White, Who Turns 98 Today, Reveals Her Secret to a Long and Happy Life

How has Betty Marion White managed to live such a long and happy life?...

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College Students Smoking Weed

College Students Are Smoking Tons of Weed in Legal States and Binge-Drinking Far Less

A new study suggests that students in states where cannabis is legal are binge dri...

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Australia Rain Bomb

Australia’s ‘Rain Bomb’ Lands as Thunderstorms Put Out Dozens of Fires in Drought-Stricken Region

More than a month's worth of rain has already fallen over parts of Australia!...

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Rainbow Halo

Hiker Captures Magnificent Photos of Rare ‘Rainbow Halo’ Phenomenon Atop Mountain

He described the moment as a “magical” and “absolutely incredible” experie...

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Machu Picchu

Peru Vows to Plant One Million Trees Around Machu Picchu to Preserve Iconic Incan Citadel

Earlier in May, Peru announced that it would restrict tourism to the site in hopes...