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Woman Ear Deadly Spider

Woman Thought She Had Water in Her Ear, Then Doctors Pulled Out a Deadly Spider

When doctors checked inside of her ear, she couldn’t believe what they found....

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Other Planets More Life Earth

Scientists Now Believe Other Planets May Have Even More Life Than Earth Does

A new study indicates that other planets may have better conditions for life to th...

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Amazon Rainforest Burns Notre Dame Fire

As Amazon Rainforest Burns, World Expresses Disgust Over Notre Dame Fire Double Standard

People around the world are reacting with outrage to the hypocrisy of ignoring the...

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Peru End Deforestation Palm Oil

“Huge Win for Wildlife”: Peru Vows to End Deforestation Driven by Palm Oil

Peru has vowed to put an end to palm oil-driven deforestation by 2021....

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Amazon Rainforest Ablaze

The Amazon Rainforest Fires Turned Day Into Night in Brazil’s Largest City

Environmental advocates blasted Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who joked abou...

Mexico Cocaine

Mexico Judge Approves Recreational Cocaine Use, Citing ‘Personal and Spiritual’ Benefits

A judge in Mexico City has ruled that two people are allowed to legally use cocain...

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Monkey Fighters

“Monkey Fighters”: Air Gun-Equipped Militia to Defend Japanese Village From Animal Invasion

Equipped with instant messaging software and air-pistols, local residents have for...

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Birds Killed Montana Storm

Over 11,000 Birds Killed or Maimed by Baseball-Sized Hail in Freak Montana Storm

The protected wildlife area had been teeming with ducks, pelicans, cormorants and ...