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Population Has Already Doubled in 2019 for One of New Zealand’s Rarest Birds


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Plastic Items Air New Zealand

Airline to Remove 55 Million Single-Use Plastic Items From Flights

Air New Zealand is eliminating nearly 55 million single-use plastic items from its...

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Woman Stalks Car Thief

Woman Stalks Car Thief for Two Days Before Stealing It Back on Facebook Live

"We stalked this lady, literally, for 48 hours. She had no idea what we were doing...

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Teens Push Woman's Car 4 Miles

After Woman’s Car Breaks Down, Teens Push It 4 Miles to Get Her Home

The teenage boys say they would do it again in a heartbeat....

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Drunk Man Baby Bird Uber

Drunk Man Saves Baby Bird’s Life by Paying Uber to Bring It to Rescue Center

The man who "had a few too many" sent the bird in an Uber to the Wildlife Rehabili...

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kanye west

Kanye West is Building a ‘Star Wars Themed’ Community for Homeless People

The buildings will look like Luke Skywalker's childhood home....

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Jaden Smith Opens Pop-Up Vegan Food Truck to Feed the Homeless in LA

This isn't the first time Smith has used his wealth and celebrity for a charitable...

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Cockatoo Tearing Down Anti-Bird Spikes

Video of Rebellious Cockatoo Tearing Down Anti-Bird Spikes Goes Viral

A cockatoo tired of discrimination against birds has taken it upon himself to rid ...

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Ugandan Woman Bursts With Joy When She is Given Her First-Ever Pair of Shoes

In many parts of the world, millions of adults and children do not own shoes....