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Rapper Cardi B Says She Wants to Run for Congress


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Cellphones Banned Under Age 21

Cellphones Banned for Anyone Under Age 21 in Proposed Vermont Bill

"It is clear that persons under 21 years of age are not developmentally mature eno...

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Pentagon Chief Admits He Saw No Evidence US Embassies Were Under Threat

But Iran “probably could have been targeting the embassies.”...

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Rand Paul Trump Pompeo Iran

“Act of War” on Iran: Rand Paul Blames Pompeo and Trump for “Death of Diplomacy”

Rand Paul: "You'd have to be brain dead" to think Soleimani's death would "deter" ...

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#NoWarWithIran: The Time for De-Escalation is NOW

"We urge all parties—Iran and the United States—to immediately halt all milita...

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Iran Nuclear Deal

Iran Pulls Back From Nuclear Deal in Response to US Assassination of Soleimani

However, Iran will continue cooperation with the IAEA “as before” and remains...

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Mexico Assange

Mexico’s President AMLO Calls for Assange to Be Pardoned and Freed From UK Prison “Torture”

Speaking to reporters, the popular head of state known by his initials “AMLO” ...

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Legalized Cannabis

2020 the “Biggest Year Yet” for Cannabis Reform—These Are the States That May Legalize Weed

States across the country have taken it upon themselves to legalize marijuana....

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Abandon Trump

The US’ Main Allies Abandon Trump Over His Dangerous Military Escalation With Iran

Global reactions have been unkind toward Trump’s decision, with only Israel voca...