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In UK, Labour Party May Legalize All Drugs Including Cocaine, Cannabis, and Heroin


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Terminator Scenario

US Navy Says It’s Trying to Avoid ‘Terminator’ Scenario as Experts Warn of AI Battlefield Tech

According to a U.S. Navy official, the nightmare scenario of wars entrusted to mac...

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Animal Testing EPA

EPA to Eliminate Animal Testing and Fund Research for More Humane Methods

However, critics argue the move will benefit corporations who want the government ...

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Private Prisons

California Votes to Ban Private Prisons — Including ‘Deplorable’ ICE Detention Centers

In a major blow to the for-profit prison industry, California lawmakers voted to b...

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English Mandarin Chinese

The English Language is Just a ‘Dialect’ of Mandarin Chinese, Scholars Claim

The groups also claims the history of Western civilization is a plagiarized, count...

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Trump Says China “Called”, Wants To Restart Trade Talks; China Denies, Has No Idea What Trump Talking About

(ZH Opinion) – We have reached the “hallucination” phase of the ...

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Brazil President Blaming Amazon Rainforest Fires NGOs

Brazil’s President Denounced as ‘Sick’ and ‘Pathetic’ for Blaming Amazon Rainforest Fires on NGOs

Brazil's president accused environmental groups of setting fire to the Amazon rain...

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Trump King of Israel Second Coming of God

Trump Just Promoted Himself as “King of Israel” and “Second Coming of God”

The president sparked fresh concerns about his mental health Wednesday morning....

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Breaking: Portland Braces For Violent Clashes Between Antifa And Proud Boys; Trump Puts Mayor On Notice

Update: 2:30 EST – Things are starting to heat up as Antifa and Proud Boys ...