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Reopening Schools Poses ‘Highest Risk’ of COVID-19 Spread, Internal CDC Documents Warn


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Taylor Swift Fans Want to Enlist Her to Run Against Kanye West in US Presidential Election

Arguably stranger things have happened in U.S. politics, after all!...

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Kanye West Announces That He Plans On Running For President

In a tweet on Saturday, he announced his intentions of running for President....

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Facebook Bans Trump Campaign Ads Against Antifa for Violating ‘Organized Hate’ Policies

The social media giant removed 88 ads on Thursday posted by the Trump campaign on ...

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Audrey Whitlock

Anti-Lockdown Protest Leader Says She Tested Positive for Coronavirus, Plans to Keep Protesting

Now she's worried about being "arrested for denying a quarantine order.”...

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Medical Workers

Medical Workers Block Protest Against Social Distancing as Lockdown Rallies, Infections Grow

“They were blocking the roads until the police force stepped in … People were ...

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Monthly Payments

US Lawmakers Propose Monthly Payments of $2,000 Until Economic Crisis Ends

For millions of Americans, it is unclear when they will be able to get back to wor...

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Cow Urine COVID-19

People in India Claim Cow Urine Prevents COVID-19 as Muslims Blamed for “Corona Jihad”

The consumption of cow urine is being touted for its alleged immunity-boosting pro...

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Gangs Brazil Lockdown

Gangs in Brazil Enforce Their Own Lockdown After Bolsonaro Writes Off Coronavirus as “Fantasy”

“We want the best for the population. If the government does not have the capaci...