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40 MILLION Americans could be homeless soon, with ‘catastrophic’ impact on rest of economy


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Judge orders ‘extremely confidential’ Epstein records from Ghislaine Maxwell case to be made public

A massive trove of “extremely personal, confidential” documents that sex traff...

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Feds Use Unmarked Vans to ‘Kidnap’ Protesters Off Portland Streets, Enraging Local Officials

Federal law enforcement have been driving around downtown Portland in unmarked van...

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Revolutionary New Bill Would Require Cops to Have Liability Insurance for Brutality Lawsuits

The proposed insurance bill would prevent police officers from brutalizing civilia...

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Reopening Schools Poses ‘Highest Risk’ of COVID-19 Spread, Internal CDC Documents Warn

Federal health authorities have warned that fully reopening K-12 schools and unive...

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Taylor Swift Fans Want to Enlist Her to Run Against Kanye West in US Presidential Election

Arguably stranger things have happened in U.S. politics, after all!...

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Kanye West Announces That He Plans On Running For President

In a tweet on Saturday, he announced his intentions of running for President....

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Facebook Bans Trump Campaign Ads Against Antifa for Violating ‘Organized Hate’ Policies

The social media giant removed 88 ads on Thursday posted by the Trump campaign on ...

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Audrey Whitlock

Anti-Lockdown Protest Leader Says She Tested Positive for Coronavirus, Plans to Keep Protesting

Now she's worried about being "arrested for denying a quarantine order.”...