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Scientists Say New Evidence of Spherical Universe is a “Cosmological Crisis”

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Space Rocks Aliens

Aliens May Use Nearby Space Rocks to Spy on Earth and Ancient Technology May Remain There

Our ancient ancestors, may have been (or still are) under surveillance by an alien...

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New Dwarf Planet

Scientists Say There May Be a New Dwarf Planet in Our Solar System

A rock once believed to be the fourth-largest asteroid in our solar system may act...

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Alien Life Mars

Ex-NASA Scientist “Convinced” Alien Life Was Found on Mars Over 40 Years Ago

The respected scientist believes that he found proof of life on Mars in 1976, but ...

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Nuclear Explosion Space

Our Earliest Ancestors Witnessed a Massive Nuclear Explosion in Space

Scientists don’t know the origins of the explosion but say it was so big it must...

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Real-Time Video of a Black Hole Devouring Stars

Scientists Will Soon Have Real-Time Video of a Black Hole Devouring Stars

It makes you wonder about the limits of science and what will be possible in the c...

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Our Universe

Scientists Start Mapping the Hidden Web That Sustains Our Universe

85% of the matter in the universe is made up of an unknown....

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Fireball Chile

Scientists Baffled as Unidentified Object Falls From the Sky and Ignites a Number of Fires

Authorities have already ruled out the possibility that the strange fires were sta...

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Gamma Ray Bursts

Time-Reversible Gamma Ray Bursts May Exceed the Speed of Light

Scientists say the light curvature of these gamma ray bursts express a bizarre cha...