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Pentagon’s top-secret UFO unit to brief Senate as ex-official says ‘off-world vehicles’ found

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Scientists Say A Supermassive Black Hole Glitched, Inexplicably Turning Off and On Again

The corona at the center of a black hole abruptly disappeared and then reformed, e...

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Stunning 4K Space Video Shows Comet Neowise Soaring Above Earth During Sunrise

Because it’s so close to our planet, the rare comet can be seen with the naked e...

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Astronomers Discover Four Never-Before-Seen Circular Radio Objects in Deep Space

They have so far defied explanation or description....

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Double Meteor Showers to Dazzle July and August Skies

The skies will delight stargazers with overlapping meteor showers towards the end ...

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Brilliant Comet NEOWISE, ‘The Best Comet in Decades,’ Now Visible With the Naked Eye

People waking up early in the morning will be treated to a brilliant site this wee...

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A Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Is Happening During The Full Moon This July

The third partial penumbral lunar eclipse of this Lunar month coincides with the B...

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Senate Demands UFO Disclosure from Intelligence Community As New Reports Surge

The government has all but acknowledged they are actively investigating UFO's....

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Epic 10-Year Time-Lapse Video of the Sun Is a High-Definition Audiovisual Masterpiece

The video is a compilation of 10 years of images collected by the U.S. space agenc...