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Sexual Predators Within America’s Power Elite: What You’re Not Being Told


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Attack Iran

The US is Unlikely to Attack Iran Anytime Soon — Here’s Why

There are a few tell-tale signs that the U.S. will not be bombing Iran anytime soo...

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Jeffrey Epstein's Little Black Book

Before SHTF, Let’s Revisit Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black Book

A leaked copy of Epstein's "little black book" reveals some very rich individuals ...

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Alex Acosta Should Resign Jeffrey Epstein

Labor Secretary Alex Acosta Should Resign Immediately Over Jeffrey Epstein

Alex Acosta broke the law to protect a serial pedophile who preyed upon dozens of ...

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Silicon Valley Big Tech

Secrets of Silicon Valley: What Big Tech Doesn’t Want You to Know

In a key sense, the Big Tech giants are the Pentagon and the intelligence commun...

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It’s Time to Declare Your Independence From Tyranny, America

For too long now, we have suffered the injustices of a government that has no rega...

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Brave Congressman Blasts 2-Party System as “Existential Threat to America” Then Quits His Party

Justin Amash said he is no longer going to identify with a party and declared hims...

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7 Things You’re Not Supposed to Know About the ‘Justice System’

The reality is that you are guilty until proven otherwise, unless you have a lot o...

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George Soros and Charles Koch Team Up to End US 'Forever War' Policy

George Soros and Charles Koch Team Up to End America’s “Forever War” Policy

The two billionaires have started a new DC think tank with the goal of ending the ...