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Cops TV Series Cancelled After 33 Seasons Amid Police Brutality Protests



Why Can Cops Use Chemicals Weapons That Are Banned In Warfare During Protests?

This chemical agent is commonly used, and is often called a "less-lethal weapon" b...

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Local Business Owner Shot And Killed By Police Enforcing Curfew On His Weekly BBQ

His sister says the group wasn’t part of protests....

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Man Threatening Protesters With Bow and Arrow Gets Beaten Down and Car Lit on Fire

“He got out of his car, yelled ‘that’s it’, and shot into the crowd before...

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George Floyd Worked Security At The Same Nightclub As The Officer Who Killed Him

"They were working together at the same time."...

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Minneapolis Erupts in Flames as Mayor Calls for National Guard to Control Protests

The fierce wave of protests washing over South Minneapolis in response to the brut...

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‘Everybody’s Favorite Friend’: George Floyd’s Loved Ones Remember Calm, Kind, Generous Man

From his family to his former employer, the bereaved people close to Floyd depict ...

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Latest DMT Study Addresses Eerie Prevalence of Hallucinations of ‘Interdimensional Entities’

The study involved surveying over 2,000 DMT users, the majority of whom claimed to...

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11 Ways to Live a Happier Life, According to a Psychologist (Hint: These have nothing to do with money!)

Based on the latest research in psychology and my experience as both a psychologis...