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Doctors Say Loss of Smell or Taste May Be Early Signs of COVID-19

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Abbott Labs

Abbott Labs Unveils COVID-19 “Gamechanger”: Portable Test Can Detect Virus in Minutes

However, the FDA has only authorized the test for use in "authorized laboratories ...

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N95 Masks

Researchers Discover Method to Sterilize and Reuse N95 Masks to Help Relieve Shortages

Some hospitals are currently burning through no less than 40,000 N95 masks per day...

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Ventilator Masks

Italian Engineer’s Brilliant 3D-Printer Hack Can Convert Scuba Gear Into Ventilator Masks

There is currently a worldwide shortage of ventilators....

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Earth's Ozone

Great News: Earth’s Ozone Layer is Continuing to Heal in Major Ways

Some very good news has seemingly slipped through the cracks: Earth’s ozone laye...

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FBI Home Fitness Test

“Nice Try, FBI”: Stay Fit While Quarantined With The Government’s Home Fitness App

Looking to stay fit? The FBI has an app for that....

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Coronavirus Could Be a ‘Chimera’ of Two Different Viruses, Genome Analysis Suggests

While the number of scientific articles on COVID-19 is increasing, there are still...

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“Genius” Doctor Turns One Ventilator Into Nine Using DIY Tips From YouTube Video

In just ten minutes, Gauthier used extra tubing to multiply the number of patients...

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Uncensored Library

Embedded Inside Minecraft is the Uncensored Library of Articles That Can Get You Killed in Some Countries

Reporters Without Borders has tapped Minecraft to develop a virtual library where ...