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Scientists Are Developing Solar Panels That Generate Power at Night

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New Research Links Autism Spectrum Disorders to Impaired Brain Myelination

"If we get to these kids really early, we might be able to change their developmen...

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Fungi Absorbs Radiation

Fungi That Absorbs Radiation Has Been Growing All Over Chernobyl Plant

Certain types of fungi are attracted to radiation, and can actually neutralize rad...

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Here’s Why Airport Facial Recognition is a Nightmare

Where will the use of facial recognition at airports lead if we don't stop it?...

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Bumblebees Face “Mass Extinction” Due to Climate Chaos, Scientists Warn

The rate at which bumblebees are declining is "consistent with a mass extinction."...

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Antarctica Reaches Record Temperatures and It’s Hotter Now Than Los Angeles and Orlando

Several climate models are now predicting a “nightmare scenario” previously no...

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Handheld Device Prints Skin

New Handheld Device “Prints” Skin Directly Onto Wounds

Scientists have created a handheld printer that patches up damaged skin....

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Human Flesh Stitch

Scientists Grow ‘Yarn’ From Human Flesh So They Can Stitch People Up, Repair Organs

Scientists just created flexible yarn from human skin cells....

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A Bio-Artificial Kidney is Being Developed to End the Need for Dialysis

The team is making progress, but they still have a long way to go....