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Natural Chemical in Breast Milk Dissolves Cancer Tumors, Trial Shows

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MDMA Help Alcoholics Shake Addiction

MDMA Shown to Help Alcoholics Shake Addiction in New Study

MDMA can radically change how psychotherapy works by allowing patients to strike a...

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Wipe Out Mosquitoes

Scientists Just Used a New Method to Completely Wipe Out Mosquitoes on Two Islands

Mosquitoes spread diseases that ultimately kill more than 700,000 people around th...

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Mom Turns Son Autism Cyborg

“Mad Scientist” Mom Turns Her Son With Autism Into a “Cyborg”

Vivienne Ming, who previously worked with the CIA to create Artificial Intelligenc...

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Flamethrower Drones

Get Ready, Because Flamethrower Drones Are Going on Sale Very Soon

What could possibly go wrong?...

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FBI Surveillance Facebook Twitter Instagram

FBI to Ramp Up Surveillance of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

The FBI plans to ramp up its efforts to gather information from social media, call...

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AI Scientific Papers Discoveries Overlooked Humans

AI Studies Old Scientific Papers, Makes New Discoveries Overlooked by Humans

Researchers from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory trained an AI on old scient...

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Giant Loggerhead Sea Turtles

Rare Sea Turtles Are Smashing Nesting Records Across the US Southeast

The giant loggerhead sea turtle is shattering nesting records this summer across t...

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area 51

650,000 People Are Planning to Storm Area 51 to Jailbreak the Aliens Inside

(TMU) — Thousands of alien enthusiasts appear to be planning to storm the infamo...