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Scientists release first “movie” of Supermassive Black Hole devouring stars in distant galaxy

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Multiple underground water reservoirs discovered on Mars, new study finds

A number of liquid bodies have been found on Mars, raising the tantalizing possibi...

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Amazon’s Ring Developed A $250 Security Camera Drone To Fly Around Your House

The camera attached to a drone that will fly around the customer's home, watching ...

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New terrifying deep-sea creatures discovered that are so ultra-black they absorb virtually all light

These deep-sea creatures that have developed such ultra black skin that it is bein...

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Our Galaxy Likely Contains Many Planets Made Mostly of Diamond

For the first time in human history, we're regularly identifying planets outside o...

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Tesla driver busted driving 93 MPH in Autopilot while fully reclined and sound asleep

Police have filed charges against a Tesla driver who they pulled over driving at 9...

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NASA funded scientist claims new thruster can approach the speed of light

The concept of interstellar travel has fascinated the human race for thousands of ...

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Lamborghini unveils GoKart Pro for adults for only $1,500 – and it looks insanely fun

If you’ve dreamed of driving a Lamborghini but didn’t have the hundreds of tho...

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“Hundreds of thousands, if not millions” of migratory birds drop dead across New Mexico

Wildlife experts are looking at the smoke from wildfires across western states as ...