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Scientists Resurrect 100-Million-Year-Old Life Buried Under Seafloor Since Dinosaur Age

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Authorities Identify 17-Year-Old Florida Kid As “Mastermind” Behind Twitter Hack

Authorities believe that they have found the mastermind behind the biggest attack ...

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Black Holes Contain Photon Rings That Record “Movies ” Of Cosmic History

A new paper claims that black holes retain a kind of photon-based record of space-...

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Physicists say civilization faces 90 percent chance of ‘irreversible collapse’ in a few decades

Even the most optimistic forecast shows there is less than a one in 10 chance that...

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Elon Musk: We Are One Year Away From Fully Autonomous, Self-Driving Cars

Elon Musk says we are essentially within a year of fully autonomous cars being a r...

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Pentagon’s top-secret UFO unit to brief Senate as ex-official says ‘off-world vehicles’ found

"If it’s something from outside this planet — that might actually be better th...

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Blue Eyes Originated from a Single Ancestor Thousands of Years Ago

Study: Everyone with blue eyes has the exact same ancestor from over 7 thousand ye...

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Watch Japan’s Life-Sized, 60-foot Walking Gundam Robot Take Its Very First Steps

Japanese engineers have been working hard at turning a colossal mecha robot from i...

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Scientists Say A Supermassive Black Hole Glitched, Inexplicably Turning Off and On Again

The corona at the center of a black hole abruptly disappeared and then reformed, e...