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Black Garlic Proven to Treat Heart Disease and Common Cold

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Hospital Beds

Copper Hospital Beds Kill 95% of Bacteria, Preventing Infections and Saving Lives: Study

The antimicrobial properties of copper have been known for thousands of years....

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First Full Cyborg

Scientist With Terminal Illness Turns Himself Into “the World’s First Full Cyborg”

Dr. Peter Scott-Morgan is a celebrated robotics expert who was diagnosed with moto...

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Screen Time Exposure

MRI Study Links Screen Time Exposure in Children to Slower Brain Development

“This is important because the brain is developing the most rapidly in the first...

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Spherical Universe

Scientists Say New Evidence of Spherical Universe is a “Cosmological Crisis”

We don't know if the universe is round or flat....

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Health Data

Google is Secretly Harvesting ‘Detailed’ Health Data From Millions of Americans, Report Reveals

"When will someone go to jail?"...

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Yelling at Dog

Study Shows That Yelling at Your Dog Can Lead to Long-Term Trauma, Stress

Don't yell at your dog!...

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Fake Rhino Horns

Scientists Create Fake Rhino Horn to Ruin Black Market and Save Species

Scientists were able to create convincing fake rhino horn by gluing together cheap...

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New Virus Kill Cancer

Potential Breakthrough as Scientists Create New Virus That Kills EVERY Type of Cancer

In human trials, the virus will be directly injected into the tumors in hopes that...