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Midwest Americas’ Most Bass Heavy Music Festival Is Almost Here. Are You Ready??



The inaugural ‘Lost Lands Music Festival‘ is coming fast. Are you ready?

The media wing of the festival has graciously allowed The Mind Unleashed team the chance to do press coverage for the ‘soon-to-be-annual’ bass heavy electronic festival. If you don’t plan on attending, we are going to be bringing you guys the goodies from inside the festival all weekend, replete with live streams, photography, and a recap video that will be published onto our exclusive music-wing here. Be sure to follow for the goods!

What is Lost Lands?

Lost lands is an electronic festival located at the Legend Valley Concert Venue & Campground in Ohio, curated by none-other than the electronic bass king himself, Excision. Even if you don’t follow electronic bass music, chances are you’ve seen one the videos of his “Paradox” stage going viral on social media for it’s mind-melting visuals recently. Like this one here:


Lost Lands is going to have 2 stages this year, one called “The Cave of Souls” and the other called ‘The Prehistoric Paradox Stage”, which will take his signature Paradox experience and add a prehistoric twang to it. One thing is for sure, the ground WILL be shaking.


While the official website states there will be “500,000 watts of bass shaking the earth”, Jeff Abel said in a post Friday night on the ‘Excision Headbangers’ Facebook group that the sound will actually be OVER 750,000 watts! For anyone that has been to an Excision show when he’s brought his 500k watt PK sound with him, that is A LOT of wattage. It’s no wonder Lost Lands will be passing out earplugs.. It’s probably a good idea everyone wears them. That is, if you want to have any sense of hearing left after the weekend is over.

He explains:


When we first launched Lost Lands I could guarantee we’d be bringing 500k watts of sound. That was just to give you an idea… But after working out the details with the guys at PK Sound, our actual wattage is going to be over 750k!

Just to be clear though, watts aren’t everything. COVERAGE is where it’s at. You can pump as many watts as you want, but what really makes a show sound great is being able to hear perfectly from anywhere in the venue.

At Lost Lands there’s a TON of space to cover. As the festival grew we added more speakers than originally planned so that we can cover more ground. But that doesn’t mean the festival is going to be any louder than previously planned, it will just sound better from more places 

As for bass? We’ll have over 100 sub boxes (over 200 individual subwoofers) shaking the ground and any bodies that get in their paths. So don’t worry too much about watts. Even though we have 750k watts powering Lost Lands sound, we’re giving every bit as much attention to sound coverage and quality. We’re also giving out a free set of earplugs to every guest so you can keep your eardrums safe.

See you there!”

Daily Lineup

Boasting bass-heavy acts like Herobust, Crizzly, Kill The Noise, Liquid Stranger, Zeds Dead and 12th Planet, this is sure to be a festival to remember. Which acts are you most excited for?

Credit: Lost Lands

Dinosaurs Galore!

Everyone who’s been following this project come together since it’s inception knows that the theme is going to be that of dinosaurs and cavemen. Which is unique to any festival I’ve personally been to.. Are you going to dress the part?

“Enter a world where dinosaurs roam, lights illuminate and cave men and women are free to be themselves. Please don’t feed the dinosaurs.” The official website states.


Please be RESPECTFUL. As with most bass heavy acts, people have gotten accustomed to whats called “breaking the rail”. Personally, I think this shows a complete lack of respect for venues and festival organizers.. At best, it just makes us all look bad. We want to preserve this experience for the years to come. Jeff Abel even stated in a post that “breaking the rail” will get the music shut off immediately, and for good reason. Don’t ruin it for everyone else.

For a more complete list of what’s allowed and not allowed in the festival and in the campgrounds, please visit here.

Also, LEAVE NO TRACE is the lost lands sacred code. This one should be obvious, but at festivals I have been to in the past, this is almost never the case. Please be sure to follow the Lost Lands sacred code and clean up after yourself!

They state: “LEAVE NO TRACE. The ancient grounds of Lost Lands are a sacred place entwined in millions of years of history and beauty dating back to before even the dinosaurs roamed the earth.

If you plan on camping at Lost Lands please pack in only what you are willing to pack out. Inside the festival, make sure all waste is placed in the appropriately marked bins.#LostLandsSacredCode”

Credit: Lost Lands

Tickets & Camping

While camping on site is now officially sold out, tickets to the festival ARE still available. There are also hotels in Columbus, Ohio nearby the venue, and the festival is offering hotel shuttle passes which can be purchased here. At the time of this article being published, there are still vacant Lost Lands partnered hotels offering discounted rates for Lost Lands attendees. You can check out the preferred list of hotels here. It’s not too late!


While we expect music production and the stages to be on point, there are also other things.. KJ Sawka and ill.gates will be hosting music production workshops on site, there will also be yoga workshops. We at The Mind Unleashed love that the organizers are injecting a little bit of health and consciousness into this event.

Credit: Lost Lands

Stretching your body, especially your neck (to you headbangers), is going to be important. We recommend utilizing this.

If you won’t attend the workshops, perhaps this will help..

Credits: Lost Lands

Our Expectations Going In..

Since Excision has such high standards with everything he puts out regarding his music, we expect Lost Lands will live up to their word with top notch music production, good security, and awesome vendors. Since this was already mentioned as being a priority, I don’t expect conflicting music sets, as this is usually an issue at EDM music festivals. Artists at times tend to recycle each others music in their sets which presents a problem of hearing the same music over and over when bouncing between stages.. Jeff Abel has already addressed this, so we expect each set to be unique and awesome in their own way.

Stay tuned for our after-festival recap article which will be filled with awesome images and video shots of our favorite moments. Be sure to follow our Music Page here for the scoop.

See you there!!

Featured image credits: Lost Lands Flyer

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