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211.6 Million Gallons of Sewage Spilled Into Florida Town’s Waterways


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Australia Fires Contained

Great News! Deluge of Rain in Australia Officially Brings All Fires Under Control, Fills Dams

The news comes after the country was struck by a historic deluge of rain over the ...

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Antarctica Heat

Antarctica Now Hotter Than Spain as Record-Shattering Heat Climbs Near 70°F

The temperature in Antarctica has reached a shocking 69.35°F (20.75°C)—the hig...

BP Oil Spill

New Study Shows BP Oil Spill Was Much Larger Than Previously Known

The toxic reach of the BP oil spill was much larger and deadlier than previous est...

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Baghdad Snow

Baghdad Covered in Snow for Only Second Time This Century

For many Iraqis, this is the first time they have ever seen snow....

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Fungi Absorbs Radiation

Fungi That Absorbs Radiation Has Been Growing All Over Chernobyl Plant

Certain types of fungi are attracted to radiation, and can actually neutralize rad...

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Bumblebees Face “Mass Extinction” Due to Climate Chaos, Scientists Warn

The rate at which bumblebees are declining is "consistent with a mass extinction."...

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Antarctica Reaches Record Temperatures and It’s Hotter Now Than Los Angeles and Orlando

Several climate models are now predicting a “nightmare scenario” previously no...

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New Bill Seeks to Commit US to Planting 3.3 Billion Trees Every Year

If the legislation passes, the U.S. will plant 3.3 billion trees each year over th...