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Pulling Weeds is the Best Thing Australians Can Do to Help Nature Recover From the Fires


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Locust Swarms Africa

Billions of Locusts Pose an “Unprecedented Threat” to Africa, UN Warns

Hundreds of billions of locusts are feasting on crops in Africa....

Plastic Waste Roads

This Company is Using Plastic Waste to Make Roads That Are 60% Stronger Than Traditional Ones

Plastic waste is one of the biggest threats to humanity, animals, and the environm...

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The Same Koalas That Survived Australia’s Fires Are Now Being Rescued From Flash Floods

Torrential rain turned into the worst floods to hit Australia in months as cyclone...

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Russell Crowe Australia

Stunning Impact of Rain on Bushfire-Scorched Land Shown in Photos Shared by Russell Crowe

"My place 10 weeks ago after the fire had gone through, and this morning after a b...

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Australia’s Iconic Platypus Has Been Pushed to the Brink of Extinction, Scientists Warn

"In our region, they're all dead, they're gone—I can't find them."...

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Aussie Farmer Rain

This Aussie Farmer’s Reaction to Torrential Rain After Months of Drought and Fire is Priceless

Australians have flocked to social media to express their appreciation and awe in ...

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Toxic Chemicals Kids

Toxic Chemicals Are Stealing Millions of IQ Points From Kids in the US, New Study Shows

Some of the worst chemicals are found on common furniture items, electronics, and ...

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Australian Sniper

This Australian Sniper is Now Leading a Fight to Defend Endangered Wildlife From Slaughter

Damien Mander has saved huge populations of elephants and rhinos from being slaugh...