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5 Climate Change Science Misconceptions — Debunked


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Pregnant, Starving Orangutan Clings Tree

Pregnant, Starving Orangutan Clings to Final Tree as Bulldozers Destroy Her Rainforest Home

The orangutan population has been driven to the brink of extinction by human activ...

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Will Smith Leonardo Dicaprio

Will Smith and Leonardo Dicaprio Are Joining Forces to Save the Amazon

DiCaprio’s foundation has already raised at least $5 million for efforts to pr...

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Bolivia Wildfires

Bolivia’s Wildfires Have Destroyed 5 Million Acres of Unique Forest and Grassland

Wildfires in Bolivia have destroyed nearly five million acres of forest and grassl...

Great Barrier Reef

45 Reasons Why the Great Barrier Reef is in Trouble

Many of the 45 threats are not well known. All but two are happening now—and mos...

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India Banning Single-Use Plastic

India is Banning Single-Use Plastic and the Rest of the World Should Too

"The world should join India in putting an end to single-use plastic."...

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Plastic Pollution That Looks Exactly Like Rocks

Scientists Discover New Form of Plastic Pollution That Looks Exactly Like Rocks

“Because they look geological, you could walk by hundreds of them and not notice...

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Worst Amazon Rainforest Fires

The Worst Amazon Rainforest Fires Are Yet to Come

Without a restoration of environmental policy in Brazil, the worst Amazon rainfore...

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A British Woman Just Married a Tree and Even Changed Her Last Name

"My dad has been very supportive. He's been out in his van helping to organize eve...