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Sydney’s Beaches Turned Charcoal-Black, Air Rendered “Unbreathable” as Bushfires Rage On


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Hemp Bees

Planting More Hemp Could Help Maintain Bee Populations, Study Suggests

Hemp plants produce a large amount of pollen just when bees need it the most....

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Hermit Crabs Killed

Half-Million Hermit Crabs Killed by Plastic Waste on Remote Islands, Sparking Fears of Global Tragedy

The tragic mass mortality event has researchers fearing the worst on a global scal...

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Setting Fires Australia

Three 12-Year-Old Boys Caught Deliberately Setting Fires in Australia

Fast-moving blazes continue to ravage the region....

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Koalas Australian Fires

As Australia Bushfires Rage, People Knit Mittens for Burnt Koalas and Raise Nearly $2 Million in Aid

Even when koalas manage to survive the fires, chances are high that they scorched ...

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Dead Coral Reefs

Scientists Are Playing Sounds Underwater to Bring Dead Coral Reefs Back to Life

Scientists have discovered an ingenious way to restore life to the dead patches of...

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Sperm Whale

Sperm Whale Stranded on Scottish Isle Had 220 Pounds of Trash in Its Belly

It contained various types of debris ranging from fishing nets to gloves and sever...

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Extinct Species

Scientists Just Re-Counted Australia’s Extinct Species, and the Result is Devastating

Alarmingly, this confirms that the number of extinct species is much higher than p...

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Brazilian President Blames Leonardo DiCaprio for Amazon Fires

Brazilian President Blames Leonardo DiCaprio for Amazon Fires

"DiCaprio is a cool guy, isn't he? Giving money to set the Amazon on fire," Bolson...