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NASA’s Idea for Making Food From Air Just Became a Reality — and It Could Feed Billions


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Wipe Out Mosquitoes

Scientists Just Used a New Method to Completely Wipe Out Mosquitoes on Two Islands

Mosquitoes spread diseases that ultimately kill more than 700,000 people around th...

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Red List

“Unprecedented” Destruction of Plants and Animals From Treetop to Ocean Floor: Report

"Nature is declining at rates unprecedented in human history."...

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Roadside Wildflowers Are Springing Up Across the UK — and They’re Helping Wildlife in a Big Way

Since the end of World War II, 97% of the UK’s wildflower meadows have been du...

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Army Corps Dumping Toxic Water Florida Estuaries

Army Corps Admits to Dumping Toxic Water Into Florida Estuaries Without Telling Public

This is the first time the government has admitted that it is happening, confirmin...

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Hurricane Barry

Watch Live: Slow-Moving Hurricane Barry Makes Landfall in Louisiana

Millions of people are bracing for flooding as forecasters predict up to 25 inches...

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This Supermarket Found a Hilarious Way to Shame Customers into Using Reusable Bags

(TMU) — In many grocery stores, customers who forget to bring reusable bags ha...

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Global Beef Trade Amazon

Revealed: How the Global Beef Trade is Destroying the Amazon

A new investigation has revealed how huge swathes of felled rainforest can be trac...

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Bee Stops

This City Turned Its Bus Stops Into ‘Bee Stops’ — and It’s the Best Thing Ever

The bees have posed no danger to bus riders....