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Officials Warn: If You See This Fish That Breathes Air on Land, “Kill It Immediately”


ISS Crew Photo Volcanic Eruption

ISS Crew Took an Incredible Photo of a Volcanic Eruption From High Above the Earth

The crew of the International Space Station (ISS) had an unbeatable view of Raikok...

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Arctic Ocean Boiling Methane Bubbles

“This is Truly Terrifying”: Scientists Find Huge Area of Arctic Ocean “Boiling With Methane Bubbles”

"This is the most powerful seep I have ever been able to observe... No one has eve...

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Blob Pacific Ocean

The “Blob” Returns: Gigantic Heat Anomaly in Pacific Ocean to Wreak Havoc on Wildlife

Huge stretches of the Pacific are now engulfed in a massive heatwave and the effec...

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Elephants Fall Death

Six Elephants Fall to Their Deaths From Waterfall in Attempt to Save Baby Calf

A baby elephant died after falling into a waterfall. Another five elephants drowne...

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Baby Turtle 104 Pieces Plastic Belly

Dead Baby Turtle Found With 104 Pieces of Plastic in Its Belly

Dozens of turtles brought to the center’s rehabilitation center have died, with ...

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Car Tires Pollution

Car Tires May Be the Single Greatest Source of Plastic Pollution in the Ocean

A new study found 7 trillion pieces of microplastic waste in the San Francisco Bay...

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Shell Oil

Shell Oil Corporation Burning Gas for Months Because They Can’t Sell It

The huge fires can be seen and heard from miles away....

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Illegally Caught Seahorses

Ship Carrying Over 12.3 Million Illegally Caught Seahorses Intercepted Off Coast of Peru

Authorities in Peru have captured a ship that was carrying over 12.3 million illeg...