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Hurricane Sally brings massive destruction to Gulf Coast in “epic proportion flooding event”


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“Hundreds of thousands, if not millions” of migratory birds drop dead across New Mexico

Wildlife experts are looking at the smoke from wildfires across western states as ...


These “Cotton Candy” Flowers Look Like Something From Dr Seuss

You’ll be excused for thinking you’ve stepped right into a Dr. Seuss book when...

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Oregon city looks like a bomb flattened it as state deploys mobile morgue for wildfire victims

Over a million acres have burned in Oregon, displacing thousands of people in what...

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West Coast wildfires are creating fire clouds and “firenadoes” on a staggering scale, scientists warn

Experts have warned that the impacts of the fires are unprecedented....

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Oregon officials brace for “mass fatality incident” as 36-mile-wide wall of flames threatens Portland

Officials in Oregon have issued a warning that they are preparing for a "mass fata...

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In aftermath of Hurricane Laura, thick mosquito swarms kill hundreds of Louisiana cattle

In the aftermath of Hurricane Laura, massive swarms of mosquitos have killed huge ...

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‘Apocalyptic and otherworldly’: Bay Area wakes up to blizzard of ash and deep red, smoke-filled skies

Bay Area skies have been darkened and transformed into an apocalyptic red – draw...

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California’s raging Creek Fire consumes over 200 miles, spawning “fire clouds” seen from space

NASA refers to pyrocumulonimbus as “the fire breathing dragon of clouds,” and ...