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Peruvians Create New Line of Eco-Friendly Plates, Packaging Made Entirely Out of Banana Leaves


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Record Cold

“Incredibly Harsh Arctic Air” Set to Plunge Half of US Into Record Cold

The first round of cold air has arrived, and it's absolutely freezing in the North...

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UK Government Bans Fracking Until Research Can Prove It’s “Safe”

The move to ban fracking will take effect immediately....

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Indigenous Warrior Amazon Rainforest Illegal Loggers

Indigenous Leader Who Guarded the Amazon Rainforest Killed by Illegal Loggers

"The Bolsonaro government has Indigenous blood on its hands. The increase in viole...

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Koalas Australian Fires

Hundreds of Koalas Feared Burned Alive in Massive Australian Fires

Over 350 koalas are believed to have died in the massive fires that continue to bu...

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China Plastic Pollution

China’s Coast Inundated in Plastic Pollution as Country Tries to Stop It From Entering Rivers

China's ocean waste dumping surged 27% in 2018, the highest level in at least a de...

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Keystone Pipeline Shut Down After Leaking 383,000 Gallons of Tar Sands Oil and Nobody’s Talking About It

October's spill solidified opposition to the Keystone XL project—a proposed expa...

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California Fires Extreme Red Flag Warning

California Fires: 26 Million Under First-Ever ‘Extreme Red Flag Warning’ as Santa Ana Approaches

Hurricane-force winds are expected to blow across California this week as fire cre...

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Amazon Saved

Destruction of the Amazon Could Be Prevented by This Ice-Cream-Flavored “Miracle Tree”

Experts say the inga tree could help slow or even stop deforestation in the sensit...