There’s a Mystical Forest in Belgium Carpeted With Bluebell Flowers


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Earth's Ozone

Great News: Earth’s Ozone Layer is Continuing to Heal in Major Ways

Some very good news has seemingly slipped through the cracks: Earth’s ozone laye...

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Human Pandemic Environment

In the Midst of a Tragic Human Pandemic, the Environment is Flourishing

It would be great if humanity could learn some lessons through this experience....

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Video Shows Huge Decline in China Pollution During Lockdown, Then Rapidly Returning to Normal

(TMU) — Shocking new satellite imagery has been released by the European Space...

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Fish Are Visible In Venice Canals As Water Becomes Clearer Following Italy’s Lockdown

(TMU) — The continued outbreak of the coronavirus has been an enormously disrupt...

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Italy Pollution

Satellite Images Show Massive Decline in Pollution Over Italy Amid Outbreak and Quarantine

All residents of Italy have been under strict quarantine measures on a national le...


This Breathtaking and Unique Opal Gemstone is Called ‘Rainbow Tree’

Sedimentary gemstones like opal, malachite, and azurite are formed when water and ...

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Blue Whales

Critically Endangered Blue Whales Make “Unprecedented” Comeback Off Antarctica Coast

The bounce-back of the blue whale population is not only great news for the specie...

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‘Earthships’: The Most Fire-Resistant Buildings Ever Could Make Rebuilding Safer in Bushfire Zones

(CONVERSATION) — Recent disastrous bushfires have rebooted debate about how to...