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Court Orders Dakota Access Pipeline to Shut Down in Major Win for Standing Rock Sioux Tribe



Incredible Rainbow Iridescent Clouds Photographed Over Hanoi

The people of Vietnam who have had the pleasure of experiencing Mother Nature’s ...

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‘Warning Sign of Major Proportions’: Arctic Fires Grow by 500% in a Week as Heat Roasts Siberia

The wildfires have encroached on territory further north within the Arctic Circle ...

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Dreamy ‘Bubble Hotels’ Let You Sleep Under the Starry Night Sky or Dancing Northern Lights

If it’s the incredible that you crave, there may be no better place to stay than...

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‘Godzilla Dust Cloud’ from Sahara Slams the US, Southern Cities Face Hazardous Air Quality

The vast cloud of Sahara dust that blanketed the Caribbean, causing “hazardous...

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Arctic Reaches Hottest Temperature Ever Recorded as “Relentless” Heatwave and Siberian Fires Rage

A Siberian town within the Arctic circle recorded a shocking temperature of 100.4...

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To Study Hummingbirds Up Close, This Man Attached Feeders To His Glasses

(TMU) – Late spring is the time when bird enthusiasts, and hummingbird lover...

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Stunning Drone Footage Shows 64 THOUSAND Green Turtles Swimming Around Great Barrier Reef

Researchers have captured stunning aerial footage of thousands of green turtles ga...

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Scientists Are About To Release Millions of Genetically Modified Mosquitos in Florida and Texas

This already historic and unprecedented summer could mark yet another outlandish f...