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One of North America’s Rarest Fish Makes Incredible Comeback From Edge of Extinction

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JK Rowling

JK Rowling Donates a Whopping $19 Million to Multiple Sclerosis Research

JK Rowling donated $19 million to fund multiple sclerosis research, the same condi...

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Will Smith Leonardo Dicaprio

Will Smith and Leonardo Dicaprio Are Joining Forces to Save the Amazon

DiCaprio’s foundation has already raised at least $5 million for efforts to pr...

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Private Prisons

California Votes to Ban Private Prisons — Including ‘Deplorable’ ICE Detention Centers

In a major blow to the for-profit prison industry, California lawmakers voted to b...

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Circus Elephants

Denmark Buys Country’s Last Remaining Circus Elephants So They Can Retire

Denmark has purchased the country’s last circus elephants to ensure that they en...

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Michael Jordan Hurricane Bahamas

Michael Jordan Pledges $1 Million for Hurricane Relief in the Bahamas

Chicago legend and six-time NBA champion Michael Jordan is donating $1 million to ...

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India Banning Single-Use Plastic

India is Banning Single-Use Plastic and the Rest of the World Should Too

"The world should join India in putting an end to single-use plastic."...

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Mama Dolphin

Video Shows Mama Dolphin Jump for Joy After Fishermen Release Her Baby

The heartwarming video shows how human beings and dolphins can bond like few other...

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Happy Little Trees

Michigan Inmates Plant 1,000 ‘Happy Little Trees’ in State Parks to Honor Bob Ross

The "Happy Little Trees" program is meant to celebrate Bob Ross’ 100th birthday....