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Jelly Belly founder launches Gold Ticket treasure hunt, and the winner gets their own candy factory

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Ancient 2,000-year-old redwoods feared destroyed in California wildfires have amazingly survived

It turns out that the massive forest fires were unable to destroy some of the olde...

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‘Extinct’ Large Blue Butterfly is reintroduced in the wild after 150-year absence

A large blue butterfly has been successfully reintroduced in the wild after 150 ye...

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A super-rare ‘blue moon’ will illuminate our night skies this Halloween

This year, as we enjoy Halloween with our immediate loved ones, we’ll also be tr...

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Man sentenced to life in prison for selling less than a gram of cannabis will finally be freed

A U.S. military veteran who was sentenced to life in prison over less than $30 of ...

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‘Smart’ face mask from Japan translates 8 languages, boosting communication in ‘new normal’

Engineers have designed a smart facial mask that can help not only amplify voices,...

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Scientists use satellites to discover hidden colonies of penguins across Antarctica

The discovery of these new colonies of reveals both good and bad news for emperor ...

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Dog Owner Builds A Doggie Stairlift For Her Three Elderly Rescued Pugs

An occupational therapist from New Orleans thought of a great idea of how to help ...

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Rafter saves baby coyote from drowning, nurses it to health and takes it on 10-day adventure

They say dogs are man’s best friend, but this magical tale might make you recons...