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Scientists Create Fake Rhino Horn to Ruin Black Market and Save Species

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Rubber Road

Mexican Student Invents Rubber Road Pavement That Self-Repairs When Exposed to Rainwater

It could save billions of dollars on costs for governments and construction compan...

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New Virus Kill Cancer

Potential Breakthrough as Scientists Create New Virus That Kills EVERY Type of Cancer

In human trials, the virus will be directly injected into the tumors in hopes that...

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UK Government Bans Fracking Until Research Can Prove It’s “Safe”

The move to ban fracking will take effect immediately....

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California Returns Stolen Island

California Returns Sacred Island to Native American Tribe It Was Stolen From in 1860 Massacre

“Nothing we say or do can make up for what occurred on that night of infamy. It ...

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Monarch Butterfly

Great News! This Year’s Monarch Butterfly Migration Shows a Rebounding Population

The beloved monarch butterfly is arriving in greater numbers than ever expected....

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Dog Talk

This Dog is Learning to Talk “Similar to a 2-Year-Old Child” by Using a Custom Soundboard

The device has been such a success that the dog now knows 29 words and can even st...

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Inmates Released

462 Inmates Released From Prison in Largest Mass Commutation in US History

In addition to letting the inmates walk free, the state is giving them resources t...

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Artificial Leaf

Scientists Create “Artificial Leaf” That Sucks in Carbon Dioxide and Makes Fuel

The new technology is inexpensive and scientists say it mimics the way in which pl...