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With India on Lockdown, Endangered Sea Turtles on Course to Lay SIXTY MILLION Eggs This Year


US Sanctions

With Quarter of World Population Under US Sanctions, Countries Appeal to UN to Intervene

The countries warn that U.S. sanctions are killing not only Americans at home but ...

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Abbott Labs

Abbott Labs Unveils COVID-19 “Gamechanger”: Portable Test Can Detect Virus in Minutes

However, the FDA has only authorized the test for use in "authorized laboratories ...

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Hotel Chain Provides Free Rooms for Doctors and Nurses Fighting Coronavirus in NYC

New York City has quickly discovered that it is time to act united....

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Doctors Social Distancing

800,000 Doctors Urge Trump to End Dangerous Campaign Against Social Distancing

Trump's decision could jeopardize the health of millions of Americans and throw ho...

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Cat and Dog Adoptions Surge as Shelters Find Creative Ways to Reach Out Amid Pandemic

Communities are more than willing to step up and help take care of foster pets in ...

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Win-Win: Adopt or Foster a Dog and Busch Will Give You a Free 3-Month Supply of Beer

Everyone could use a companion for the couch right now....

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N95 Masks

Researchers Discover Method to Sterilize and Reuse N95 Masks to Help Relieve Shortages

Some hospitals are currently burning through no less than 40,000 N95 masks per day...

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Coyotes San Francisco

Coyotes Roam Empty Streets of San Francisco During Coronavirus Lockdown

Now that there are no people in the streets the coyotes seem to be making themselv...