If You’ve Given Your DNA to a DNA Database, US Police May Now Have Access to It


Suspicionless Searches

Federal Court Rules Suspicionless Searches of Phones and Laptops Unconstitutional

A significant victory for civil liberties advocates!...

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Shelter Cat Solitary Confinement

Cat Locked Up in Solitary Confinement for “Repeatedly” Letting Other Cats Out of Shelter

Quilty the cat continuously freed other cats from their enclosures “repeatedly, ...

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Eco-Friendly Plates

Peruvians Create New Line of Eco-Friendly Plates, Packaging Made Entirely Out of Banana Leaves

What better form of packaging is there than the kind provided to us by nature itse...

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US Detained 70,000 Children 2019

Causing ‘Profound’ Trauma, US Detained Recording-Breaking 70,000 Children in 2019

"No other country held as many immigrant children in detention over the past year ...

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Protest Police Brutality

NYers Jumping Turnstiles en Mass to Protest Police Brutality is Exactly What We Need Right Now

"If the city isn't going to listen to the people, then the people are going to ass...

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Health Data

Google is Secretly Harvesting ‘Detailed’ Health Data From Millions of Americans, Report Reveals

"When will someone go to jail?"...

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Military Coup Bolivia

5 Fast Facts About the Military Coup in Bolivia and What You Can Do

Despite what the mainstream media headlines would have you believe, a coup is unde...

Hong Kong Protesters

Caught on Video: Hong Kong Protester Shot by Police in Chest as Chaos Erupts Across City

Graphic video footage shows a protester lying in a pool of blood with his eyes wid...