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Reforestation Drones Will Plant 40,000 Trees This Month With 1 Billion Goal Set for 2028


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Dreaming of a Visit to Japan? The Government Might Pay for Half of Your Trip to Jumpstart Tourism

Japan officials are reportedly considering a plan to pay half of the travel expens...

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“If Someone is in Pain, I Am in Pain”: Jack Dorsey Plans To Give All Of His Wealth Away In His Lifetime

The co-founder and CEO of Twitter and Square, Jack Dorsey, is a multi-billionaire....


Richest Americans Have Added $434 Billion To Their Wealth Since Crisis Hit

America's billionaires saw their combined net worth soar by $434 billion while the...

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Dolphins Bring Gifts From the Sea in Apparent Response to Lack of Human Interaction

The sea mammals have been lining up to bring gifts ashore – "apparently because ...


Man Who Recorded Shooting of Ahmaud Arbery Arrested For Murder

William "Roddie" Bryan Jr., the man who recorded the killing of Ahmaud Arbery has ...

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Locusts Block Out Sun in Iran as Bug Swarms Threaten Famine From Africa to Asia

The swarms of desert locusts are sweeping across the Horn of Africa, the Middle Ea...

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A Miracle: Texas Mom Delivers Rare Healthy Identical Quadruplets Without Fertility Treatment

"Unbelievable": Texas mom delivers rare identical quadruplets — a 1 in 11 millio...

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Beekeeper Spends Lockdown Building a Fully Functional Beehive Using Only LEGO Bricks

A beekeeper had the brilliant idea of building a big, colorful beehive made entire...