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Move Over, Marijuana: Psychedelic Drugs Could Be the Next Big Thing


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WHO Now Warns Coronavirus is “Enemy Number 1” and More Powerful Than Terrorism

The World Health Organization has named the virus COVID-19....

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Citizen Journalist Goes Missing After Reporting About Coronavirus From Wuhan

His loved ones say that he was captured by the Chinese government....

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Human Flesh Stitch

Scientists Grow ‘Yarn’ From Human Flesh So They Can Stitch People Up, Repair Organs

Scientists just created flexible yarn from human skin cells....

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A Bio-Artificial Kidney is Being Developed to End the Need for Dialysis

The team is making progress, but they still have a long way to go....

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Cannabis Compound

Scientists Discover Cannabis Compound That Could Be 30 Times More Potent Than THC

THCP could be the most potent compound ever discovered in cannabis....

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Racism Toward Asian People

“I Am Not a Virus”: Outbreak Leads to Shocking Rise in Racism Toward Asian People

Even those far removed from the outbreak are feeling the devastating impact of agg...

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Lungs Damaged by Smoking "Magically" Heal Themselves

Great News! Lungs Can “Magically” Heal Themselves If You Stop Smoking, Study Finds

It's never too late to quit smoking cigarettes....

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EPA Glyphosate Cancer

EPA Continues to Claim Glyphosate, the Main Ingredient in Roundup, Doesn’t Cause Cancer

The EPA has reaffirmed its belief that glyphosate is not a carcinogen, despite ini...