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Antibiotics Cause Man’s Body to Brew “Beer” in His Gut, Ruining His Life With “Drunkenness Disease”


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lion's mane mushroom

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Proven to Reduce Anxiety and Depression

In essence, higher rates of neurogenesis could prove to equal higher rates of happ...

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Fortnite Gamers

Fortnite Gamers Suffer Meltdowns, “Trauma” and “Withdrawal Symptoms” After Blackout Event

Gamers were sent into a state of extreme shock and mourning on Sunday when Fortnit...

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Kenya’s Eliud Kipchoge Makes History Smashing Through Two-Hour Marathon Barrier

(TMU) – In a victory punctuated by the joy of spectators who knew they had j...

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Lawsuit Says “Fortnite” Intentionally Designed to Be as Addictive as Cocaine, Ruin Lives

The lawsuit accuses Epic Games of enlisting "psychologists to help make the game a...

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Life Support

Audio Shows Hospital Kept Vegetative Patient on Life Support to Boost Survival Rates

“How dare you take it upon yourself to withhold such information from any family...

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Lowell Cafe Los Angeles

A Gourmet ‘Cannabis Oasis’: America’s First ‘Dine and Dab’ Cafe Opens in Los Angeles

This is the first venue in the U.S. where visitors can legally enjoy cannabis in p...

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Bootleg Vape Cartridges Cyanide

Bootleg Vape Cartridges Found to Contain Cyanide, a Literal Poison

"It’s going to cause a very toxic effect on the lungs."...

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Study Autism Chemical Processed Foods

Study Links Autism to Chemical in Processed Foods

A new study suggests a possible connection between autism and processed foods....