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Joe Exotic “Tiger King” Files $94 Million Civil Rights Lawsuit From Prison

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The Arts

These Mesmerizing Tables Look Like Ocean Waves Washing Up On Shore

Rivka creates resin art as a hobby in her free time. Like all works of art, each p...

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4 Flawless Zen Lessons on Gratitude

In Zen Buddhism, even an empty rice bowl is something to be grateful for. Spontane...

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Stuck Indoors? Enjoy These Museums, Aquariums, National Parks, Zoos and Symphonies From Home

Here are a few cultural “outings” you can now enjoy from your computer, tablet...

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These Cups Turn Into Mini Galaxies When Clear Liquid Is Poured Into Them

(TMU) — Your guests would be definitely be impressed when served a drink with a...

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You Can Now Get 3D Epoxy Floors That Will Turn Your Room Into a Beach, Pond, Canyon, or Grassy Pathway

(TMU) — Creating 3D art with epoxy on surfaces such as tables, counter tops, and...

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Mobile Game

New Mobile Game Revolutionizes Storytelling by Challenging Authority

Explore a world created by prohibition through the eyes of people who usually don...

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Keanu Reeves Matrix 4

Keanu Reeves Spotted as ‘Neo’ Filming ‘The Matrix 4’ in San Francisco’s Chinatown

What exactly Keanu’s uber-casual look means to The Matrix 4 remains anyone’s g...

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Ozzy Osbourne Ad Discourage Cat Declawing

Ozzy Osbourne Appears in New Ad to Discourage Cat Declawing

“Never Declaw a Cat. It’s an Amputation, Not a Manicure.”...