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Keanu Reeves Spotted as ‘Neo’ Filming ‘The Matrix 4’ in San Francisco’s Chinatown

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Ozzy Osbourne Ad Discourage Cat Declawing

Ozzy Osbourne Appears in New Ad to Discourage Cat Declawing

“Never Declaw a Cat. It’s an Amputation, Not a Manicure.”...

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George Lucas Star Wars

Disney Reportedly Wants George Lucas to Return and Oversee Future “Star Wars” Films

George Lucas may soon return to “restore balance in the force,” if you will....

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Tom and Jerry

Japanese Artist Turns Tom and Jerry’s Most Brutal Moments Into Hilarious Sculptures

These 28+ Tom and Jerry sculptures perfectly capture the wild nature of the cartoo...

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Keanu vs. Keanu: Matrix 4 and John Wick 4 to Be Released on the Same Day

Some have suggested naming the day of the premiers "Keanu Reeves Day."...

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Banksy Piece Depicting UK Parliament as Chimps Sells For $12.2 Million

(TMU) – The infamous and anonymous street artist known as “Banksy̶...

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Army Joker

US Army Warns of Potential “Incel” Violence at “Joker” Movie Screenings

The U.S. Army is worried about a potential mass shooting during the theatrical rel...

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This Metal Jewelry Blocks Facial Recognition Software From Tracking You

On the surface, Incognito appears to be a piece of contemporary brass jewelry akin...

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It’s Official: ‘The Matrix 4’ is Coming and Will Reunite Keanu Reeves, Director Lana Wachowski

The Matrix 4 is officially set to restart the series, with Keanu Reeves reprising ...