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Canada approves psilocybin or ‘magic mushroom’ therapy for 4 dying cancer patients


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Famous matador is gored directly in the butt after stabbing it during bullfight

A celebrated matador in Spain has sustained possibly the most brutal injury of his...

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Scientists use satellites to discover hidden colonies of penguins across Antarctica

The discovery of these new colonies of reveals both good and bad news for emperor ...

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Japan’s Ancient Forestry Technique Produces High-Grade Lumber With No Need to Chop Down Trees

The daisugi technique, like bonsai, is a forestry technique that involves heavily ...


Beirut in shock after tremendous explosion leaves thousands of casualties

The Lebanese capital city is reeling after at least one massive explosion followed...

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Jeffrey Epstein Had Secret Ex-Girlfriend Who Writes Children’s Books And Hosts Meditations

In court documents that were unsealed last week, it was revealed that Jeffrey Epst...


These Guinea Pigs Have The Strangest Yet Most Majestic Hair & We Want One

Guinea Pigs are not only rich in personality, but some also sport beautiful coats ...

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Cat escapes maximum security prison after being caught smuggling heroin and SIM cards

A cat that was being incarcerated at a major prison in Sri Lanka after being disco...

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Scientists Resurrect 100-Million-Year-Old Life Buried Under Seafloor Since Dinosaur Age

Researchers found that by simply adding food they were able to ressurect bacteria ...

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